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A nearby building containing war memorabilia was un-damaged, as was the company's huge outdoor cache of aircraft and aircraft parts, which are often used in movie productions. PDN Saturday, December 31, at 4: Thanks for the very thorough cost information. Windy Ice prone conditions Night time over water Single pilot flying a jet A long full day for the pilot in command possible fatigue or "gotta-get-there-itus" Wednesday, January 4, at 4: Now consider a limiting case. Great, detailed price breakdown.


If you were wondering about the MPG ratings of the 2.0L Turbo...

With the pride I felt after building just the rudder I simply cannot imagine what a thrill it will be to have the airplane completed and flying. An aircraft built with my own hands. Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine, February issue.

And a year-plus history in the field speaks volumes to the model's market and aerodynamic success. Sport Pilot magazine, May Downs, pages 52 - My visit to the factory was worth every bit of what it cost. Zenith's Packs 4 Seats to Short Strips: Plus Easy to Build - Only Hours!

Closer to home, farmers and ranchers use the to patrol property, track cattle or wildlife, and serve in many the same roles as those fulfilled by small helicopters - albeit at a fraction of a chopper's costs. When the only runway is a cleared patch in the jungle, and the alternative is a week of hiking through snake-infected swamps, the starts to look pretty good.

A football field is plenty enough airstrip for a Missionary work in Tanzania and Zambia, anti-poaching patrols in Ghana, doctors in northern Thailand, flying training in India. Its stellar short field capabilities and slow flying characteristics make it ideal for any bush or farm operation: The Skyjeep would be an ideal item of equipment for any farmer with substantial acreage.

Moreover, the design is very well suited to many aerial work requirements where short field performance and a good view are required. Pages 12 - Designer Spotlight Cover Story. Pages 59 - Designer Chris Heintz profile: Which Zenith is Right For You? Pages 8 - Hands down, both airplanes easily fulfill their respective missions. Best of all, they do so with flying traits that should challenge few pilots of average competence. We heartily recommend to every prospective homebuilt kit buyer that he or she seriously consider the excellent aircraft produced by Zenair, a company we've always found to be competently and professionally managed by genuinely qualified, dedicated people.

Norm Goyer, editor, Sport Pilot magazine July The only two other aircraft that I can think of that possibly could take off shorter would be a helicopter or Wayne Handley's Turbo Raven. With a high nose pitch, the STOL CH literally climbed out with two adults and full fuel at 1, feet per minute with about feet of ground roll, breaking ground approaching 30 knots indicated airspeed! It's not really an ag plane, per se.

But it sure has a place in an ag operation. I really liked the CHAG Flying over the corn at mph, making second or less safe turns, an exceptional climb rate and short takeoff and landing capability, deems the a viable aircraft for many spraying operations. It is simply great fun to fly. The fits with back-country unimproved flight strips and sand bars; and with a pair of Zenair amphibious floats, it will go almost anywhere you'd ever want to go. EAA Experimenter magazine, January cover story, pages 24 - More than have been completed worldwide but only of them have emerged from homebuilder's shops in the U.

Usually that ratio would be reversed, but the real world use of the airplane has dictated otherwise. A significant number of those being used in Africa and other under-developed areas of the world rarely or never see a paved runway On the other, flying longer distances takes a little bit more time.

The light high-wing is the right aircraft for all of those seeking an individual aircraft. Factors that weighed in the decision included its mostly pulled rivet construction versus driven rivets , simple design, large builders' group, and excellent factory support. The craftsmanship and colorful paint scheme made the airplane a must-see for hundreds of Sun 'n Fun visitors, and a small crowd seemed to be permanently gathered around the airplane.

But why all the excitement? Perhaps the owner's enthusiasm about the rubbed off on others. On its floats, the airplane is huge.

It's painted bright yellow with lightning bolts on the fuselage sides and the top of the wing, and small white clouds surround the bolts. The interior is upholstered with rainbow striped material, providing for a colorful airplane all around. Walton's only complaint is that he has trouble taking it on extended flights. It won the short field takeoff contest at Sun 'n Fun , and Walton is considering entering the competition again this year. Chris [Heintz] has been designing aircraft for decades and is a respected and dedicated designer.

Surprisingly this was without injury or shock to either occupant. In fact, they were both grinning from ear to ear. From the leading edge slats to the solid landing gear, the airplane just begs to get out into the woods. Any unimproved strip you can get an ultralight in and out of is plenty for the Zenair. The advertised takeoff roll is feet, and that is conservative!

From my point of observation, there was no two-place airplane that could takeoff shorter, land shorter, climb or approach more steeply, or handle a crosswing better. Quite simply, the airplane doesn't look like a "homebuilt" at all, but rather it looks like a production airplane. This is because designer Chris Heintz came from a very sophisticated background that centered around engineering for production aircraft.

Because he was trained as an engineer and not a mechanic, his first "homebuilt" design incorporated very simple construction methods throughout - a concept that he has maintained in his subsequent designs. The airplane delivers on every promise and is truly an outstanding design. The rudder, ailerons and flaperons are very light and mechanically balanced. They feel smooth as silk. Depending upon how aggressive the pilot wants to be, the airplane can be hauled into the air with a ground roll of less than feet.

I've seen airplanes that could be flown through a hangar, but as I have said before, I think a really good pilot could fly a STOL CH into a hangar, do a , and fly back out.

The performance is truly that spectacular. Zenair also provides excellent technical support. There is also a bi-monthly newsletter which provides a link between the designer and the builder. My introduction to this fine design, first flown in , turned out to be one of the real surprises of my flying career.

He wanted something strong that would adapt easily to floats. It had to take off and land short and have steep ascent and descent angles On a production line, Zenith parts can be made faster and more accurately than even the fastest, most skillful homebuilder could build them. Owners have reported times as low as hours, with a conservative average. The year old wreckage of a Supermarine Seafire PR has been lifted by helicopter off a remote hill west of Glascow, Scotland where it had lain since its pilot J.

Knight hit the hill during a cross-country flight in February Several blocks of stone will be lifted to the site to form a memorial. Plans for the aircraft are unknown at this time. The pilot, Fred Ihlenburg, was killed. No persons or property on the ground were damaged in the accident.

Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft enter a "series of rolls" after a low, climbing pass, which continued to ground impact.

The aircraft is owned by Harold Kindsater. The US House bill which could have grounded all warbirds, H. The bill, as it was first written, would have required all military items sold as surplus to be completely demilitarized, with no time limit or "grandfather clause" for items already sold, whether it was a bolt or a completely restored WWII airplane. The US aviation community banded together in a remarkable grassroots effort to stop the bill from being passed.

According to the FAA's preliminary report, the aircraft's right brake locked, causing the aircraft to skid off the runway and nose over in the grass. The crew performed a shortened landing pattern after the Number 3 engine began backfiring.

An aircraft mechanic was seriously burned and a Douglas B Invader aircraft operated by Airspray Ltd. Two other B fuselages and at least four other aircraft were also destroyed. If the group is successful, the huge s-vintage delta-winged bomber would be the only airworthy one of its kind in the world.

The trainee was killed and the instructor was seriously injured. Few details of the accident, which took place miles northeast of Bangkok, have been released. He flew more than 23, miles in days, and beat a previous speed record set by a US Army crew in The Confederate Air Force, based in Midland, Texas, USA has released the results of its recent membership vote see August news item on whether the organization will change its name.

In late , four proposed names will be submitted to the membership for further voting. The aircraft, one of two Ps in the world which has the potential to fly again, last flew in It was disassembled and flown to California inside a U. Air Force C-5 transport. Russia will allegedly repay part of its debt to Croatia by delivering a number of aircraft, including at least two MiGUM jets, and spare parts to support them.

One of the two occupants was killed. Further details are not known. The pilot delayed extending the jet's landing gear until just prior to touchdown, and since it had not fully locked in place, it collapsed upon landing. The pilot was unhurt. The collection will remain in its present location until , and will reopen on December 17, , in Seattle. Museum owner Doug Champlin will continue to act as the Curator Emeritus of the new collection.

A T Mentor crashed during an airshow near Istanbul, Turkey, killing the pilot and a passenger, and injuring two spectators. The cause is not known. The owner of a newly-imported Russian Mi-2 helicopter has had his aircraft grounded at California's Hayward Airport while the FAA looks into allegations that he flew it without an Airworthiness Certificate and without locally-required insurance documents.

Officials in Oakland, California, where pilot Thierry Thys was based, asked him for the documents, but when he couldn't produce them and later flew the Mi-2 to nearby Hayward , the FAA was notified. The pilot was not injured, and damage to the aircraft was relatively minor. The jet's right wing tip struck the runway and started a small fire on the wing, which then started a grass fire at the airport. The aircraft suffered an unknown amount of damage.

Both occupants were fatally injured, one of whom was the aircraft owner. The pilots were flying from Georgia to New Mexico, where the owner lived. The Government of Nigeria has ordered the sale of over out-of-service and abandoned aircraft from around that country.

It is not known what aircraft types are involved, but since at least some of the aircraft are rumored to have been dormant for many years, warbird- and vintage-aircraft collectors are scrambling to research the matter.

The reporter was riding along as part of an interview he was conducting for a story on the pilot. Helicopter pilots Charlie Hollinger and Jack Kelly have begun the formation of a worldwide association dedicated to the Bell Model 47 helicopter, a versatile workhorse which has been in service for 50 years.

Accident investigators at the site of last month's Aero Vodochody L Albatros crash near Denver, Colorado, USA, have reported that the rear-seat occupant of the aircraft may have jettisoned the canopy, either accidentally or intentionally.

Since the aircraft was equipped with a self-destruct system, police were forced to close a nearby highway for several hours while an explosives-disposal team examined the site for unexploded charges in the aircraft. US officials have asked China's permission to examine the wreckage of two recently-discovered aircraft crash sites in the Lang Gong region of Tibet.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry notified the Pentagon of the discoveries last fall. The crew of four has been listed as "missing" since then. Very little is known about the second site, except that it is described as a "WWII-era American plane. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft performing low-level aerobatics prior to the crash. The aircraft was a spare aircraft for the Northern Lights aerobatic team, and Mr. Jeansonne was a major sponsor of the aircraft, although not a member of the flying team.

The pilot apparently walked swam away uninjured, but the aircraft was nearly covered by water when the high tide came in. All four aircraft are reportedly of the same type, but no more information is known at this time.

See July news item. Bullet holes were discovered in the aircraft's engine, and its believed the aircraft was shot down in January Among the personal effect found in the wreckage were the pilot's scarf and a set of metal dog-tags stamped with the name "William Patton. The landing gear was extensively damaged in the incident.

It was allegedly the pilot's first flight in the aircraft, which he had just recently purchased. The crew has been reported as "Missing In Action" since they disappeared during a torpedo attack on enemy shipping. The engine was shut down and the crew prepared for an emergency landing at nearby Donalsonville Municipal Airport, but after attempting to feather the propeller and discharge the fire extinguisher, the engine separated from the aircraft and fell to the ground, landing in a farmer's backyard.

The aircraft landed successfully, and the two-man crew was not injured. The pilot and passenger suffered only minor injuries, and the plane appeared to have suffered relatively little damage. The circumstances of the incident are not known, but the pilot is believed to have escaped injury.

The pilot was not injured, and the team is expected to resume its schedule shortly, after the incident is investigated. The pilot, Roy Green, was killed. Manfred Aust, a U. The aircraft was operated by the Confederate Air Force. The Confederate Air Force has reported that it has received over suggestions for a new organization name See November news item. In October , its members will vote from a list of four pre-approved names, and the winner will be announced in December. A new organization, the National Historic Aircraft Association, has been formed.

It is dedicated to the salvage and preservation of historic aircraft. Membership is free for active members. Send your mailing address, and they will send out an information package. The Corsair was brought ashore and appears to be in poor shape. Morgan was a co-founder and managing director of Ilmor, a well-known auto-racing engine company, as well as a prolific warbird operator.

Eleven of the bombers got airborne simultaneously in what is believed to have been the largest B assembly since the filming of the movie Catch The aircraft was being operated on a familiarization flight at the time. The Vampire, operated by deHavilland Aviation, Ltd. Earlier the same day, a deHavilland Venom , G-GONE, operated by the same company, was involved in an inadvertent belly landing incident which temporarily closed the runway at Biggin Hill.

In a sad turn of events, a second fatal accident occurred at the Biggin Hill Air Fair. Eyewitness reports appear to indicate that the aircraft was too low at the top of a loop. BBC news said the aircraft reportedly experienced engine problems, after which the pilot attempted to perform a forced landing, but sacrificed himself to avoid landing in the crowd.

The Central Texas Wing of the Confederate Air Force announced the successful flight of their rare Bell P Airacobra , which has been undergoing restoration since One of the two pilots was killed.

Warren gained notoriety in when his Cessna became entangled in power lines near Seattle, leaving him hanging upside down for four hours until rescuers could reach him. Zuyev was the Soviet fighter pilot who defected with his MiG to Turkey in after a dramatic shootout with a sentry.

He later emigrated to the USA and wrote a book about his experience entitled Fulcrum. The pilot, Roger Simpson, and his non-pilot passenger, Sara Hanson, were killed. Roger was a friend of ours, and our deepest condolences go out to Roger's family and friends. Lefty's son, Ladd, was flying the distinctive twin-boom fighter when the left engine apparently suffered an in-flight fire, which caused the cockpit to fill with smoke, Unable to see, Gardner successfully belly-landed the plane in the field and walked away with no injuries.

The plane suffered moderate damage but is rumored to be repairable. The aircraft was not insured. Contributions toward the repair of this aircraft can be sent to: The aircraft appears to have been looted by souvenir-hunters.

Upon its recovery from the water, the wreck will be moved to the nearby Leesburg airport. The AD was developed in response to a structural failure accident in April Television footage of the accident appears to indicate that the aircraft stalled in a low-altitude turn.

It landed in a nearby soybean field, and no spectators were injured. The VAC intends to restore the aircraft to airworthy status. Anyone wishing to help restore this aircraft, please contact Mr. The jet was airlifted into its final resting place by a Chinook helicopter after being donated to the park by local resident Kevin Schwartz.

The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper has reported that the hangars at Warminster, Pennsylvania which used to house the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation manufacturers of the Buffalo fighter and Buccaneer bomber , will be destroyed this fall to make room for retirement housing.

The Confederate Air Force has announced the four organization names from which its members will soon chose to be the new name for the Midland, Texas-based warbird organization.

The project is scheduled for completion by The aircraft disappeared during a mission on 25 March MacGuire, who was 80, had amassed a large collection of vintage and warbird aircraft, many of them airworthy.

It is presumed the museum will continue to operate and the collection will remain in place. The aircraft was owned by Bill and Mary Jo Stebbins. Arson is suspected as the cause of the fire. A group of researchers who have been slowly melting the ice around the crash site of a WWII Fairey Battle bomber in Iceland have reported this week that they are beginning to uncover significant items from the site.

A propeller blade, machine gun, and various personal items from the crew have been found. The bodies of the crewmembers were recovered shortly after the crash in May , but the airplane was quickly buried under ice and snow, and remained so until Killed were pilot Minor Smith and passenger Matthew Hightower.

The UK's Telegraph newspaper has reported that a family out walking in an Aberdeenshire forest has discovered wreckage from an Avro Manchester bomber which crashed in The bodies of the Polish crew, along with large pieces of the wreckage, were recovered long ago, but the family has found debris and and several personal effects in the area.

Terrana, a well-known aviation figure in the Northwestern USA, was noted for his generosity and friendliness. Two Grumman S-2s , operated under contract to the California Department of Forestry as firebombers, collided near Hopland, California while fighting a forest fire, killing the two pilots, Lars Stratte and Larry Groff.

A man accused of starting the fire was arrested shortly after the crash and was arraigned on two counts of murder, among other charges. The pilot and rear seat pilot-rated passenger successfully bailed out. Caudle suffered some minor injuries. US warbirds to be grounded and destroyed? Last year's US House bill H. The new Senate bill, S. Last week, Glacier Girl , the Lockheed P Lightning which was recovered from deep inside a Greenland glacier in and is being restored to airworthy condition by Roy Shoffner in Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA, came to life when its engines were started for the first time in nearly 60 years.

The restoration team plans to taxi the airplane in early October, and fly it sometime next year. Warbird ownership in the United States continues to be threatened by vague wording in the Defense Authorization Bill of To add to the confusion, the bill has changed its designation several times, making it hard to track. The museum's Board of Directors will use the "down-time" to develop debt-reduction and fund-raising plans. The AD requires an inspection of flap flex-shaft assemblies, and possible replacement of these shafts, depending on date of manufacture.

The remains of a ten-member U. Army Air Corps B Liberator crew which was lost on March 5, have been identified and returned to their families. The bomber disappeared in a thunderstorm during a mission over Papua New Guinea, and the wreck was located in India's year-old Chief of Staff, Air Marshall AY Tipnis became the world's oldest active-duty MiG pilot, after he underwent a solo checkout in the aircraft just prior to his retirement.

The flight was made from the Handigarh Air Base. The 11, members of the Confederate Air Force voted to change the name of the organization to "Commemorative Air Force. The new name will take effect on 1 January The canopy hit a house in Kendall, Florida. No one was injured, and the aircraft returned for a safe landing. The pilot apparently allowed the airplane to stall during a climb after a low pass. The Vampire is known for its tendency to snap-roll and spin if mishandled in certain flight regimes.

Section of the U. Defense Authorization Bill of was deleted , eliminating the immediate threat that all U. Previous versions of the engine were fitted with air-starters. The aircraft was acquired from Forest Protection Ltd. The wreckage of a North American O trainer and observation aircraft lost in June has been found in the jungles of Panama. It is believed to be the first and only one of its type available to the general public.

An FA Fighting Falcon was made available by the same company in New Zealand's Navy, in an effort to provide its forces with realistic "enemy" aircraft for training purposes, has recruited civilian-owned jet warbirds for that purpose, including a Fouga Magister , Hawker Hunter and Cessna A Dragonfly.

New Zealand's Air Force, which formerly provided these services, has had its budget for such activities cut dramatically in recent years. The first replica Messerschmitt Me jet has rolled out of its hangar in Washington state, USA after many years of construction. More information is available at the Stormbirds website. The restoration schedule will be "stepped up," and the aircraft should be airworthy in one year. This will result in the world's only airworthy A For more information, see the organization's website at: WWII aircraft parts have recently been uncovered during the excavation of two taxiways at the Chino California Airport.

Most of the parts are small, such as engine components, fuel caps, knobs, starting cranks and armor plating, but several larger items such as landing gear legs and pilot's seats have also been unearthed. The Chino airport was the site of an aircraft decommissioning facility after WWII, and this is not the first time aircraft parts have been discovered at the site. Local government authorities will soon decide what to do with the items.

The cause of the accident is unknown. It was reported to be flying in formation with five other airplanes when it hit a tree. The pilot, a non-U. Miller has assured AOPA that the issue has been forwarded all the way up the chain to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who is apparently working to correct it. The pilot, Doug Jeanes, suffered minor burns and is in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The aircraft was making a maintenance test flight following overhaul of the engine.

Though heavily damaged, the aircraft is believed to be repairable. Photo submitted by Mark D. All four crewmembers were rescued unhurt. It is believed that the aircraft suffered fuel starvation, leading to the failure of all four engines. The aircraft is believed to be restorable.

For photos, please see Bob Harrington's photos. It was reported that the aircraft's engine failed in the traffic pattern, and the plane hit a tree as the pilots were attempting to make it to the runway. The pilots were identified as Dan Rocco and Don Keller. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft performing low-level aerobatics just before the crash. No FV , operated by the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum, was heavily damaged after hitting trees during an apparent off-field landing at Port Colborne, Ontario.

The pilot walked away from the crash unhurt. The commemorative formation was the third-largest gathering of Bs since the end of the war. His left leg was broken and he suffered head injuries when his AirCam aircraft crashed into a lake near a housing development. After one or both engines were seen to violently flame out, the aircraft departed controlled flight.

One crewmember ejected at low altitude, but neither pilot survived. He was reportedly flying the aircraft home to its base at Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria, when the engine lost power in the traffic pattern. Both the pilot and passenger walked away unhurt in the crash of a Boeing PT Stearman which suffered an engine failure after takeoff at the Georgetown, Texas, USA airport during an airshow.

Witnesses reported that the aircraft appeared to have engine problems prior to the crash. Pilot Steve Hinton reported that the airplane was fast, climbed well, and felt "like a Spitfire. The minute post-restoration flight went well, according to group members. One of the world's only civilian-owned English Electric Canberras has landed in New South Wales, Australia after a long series of ferry flights from Bournemouth, England beginning a week earlier.

An Aero Vodochody L Albatros jet overran the runway at Duxford airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK and crashed through a fence, coming to rest in the middle of the busy M11 motorway. At some point in the chain of events, pilot Gary Clarke ejected from the the aircraft while out of the seat's operating envelope and was killed.

The back-seat passenger remained with the airplane and walked away unhurt. The pilot was uninjured. The pilot was not injured. The pilot, who was not the owner of the airplane, was killed.

Six spectators visiting a Swedish air base north of Stockholm were injured by an extremely low-flying Saab Viggen jet fighter. Media reports said that the aircraft passed directly over the group at an altitude of 30 to 60 feet, burning several members of the group and throwing others to the ground.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments on the proposal before 23 August Owned by Hawkins and Powers Aviation of Greybull, Wyoming, the aircraft was the second firebomber to suffer a structural breakup in the USA in as many months. It had recently undergone an inspection for wing cracks. Following the accident, all US-based fire-fighting aircraft were grounded for 48 hours.

The aircraft are both operated by the Canadian Warplane Heritage organization. It is believed that mechanical failure contributed to the accident. The Bombardier Aerospace corporation has opened a Commercial Service Centre which will meet the needs of operators of out-of-production aircraft, including the DHC-2 Beaver. The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, California, USA temporarily closed its doors after rising insurance costs and other factors dictated that it search for a new home.

It is rumored to be looking at locations in more rural environments. A program manager at Boeing has announced that the one-of-kind Boeing Stratoliner, which ditched near Everett, Washington, USA See 28 March item will be restored to airworthy condition and will return to the air sometime next year. Thanks to the hard work of many individuals and organizations, the US Federal Aviation Administration issued a Special Airworthiness Bulletin SAIB which granted a deadline extension for mandatory and expensive wing-spar inspections on T aircraft.

More information is available at: Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft performing aerobatics prior to the accident. All five crewmembers escaped safely from the bomber before it sank, and the airplane was mostly forgotten over the last 53 years. The National Park Service has now claimed ownership of the airplane, and is keeping its location secret.

Sonar images of the airplane can be seen at: This aircraft was believed to be involved in secret tests of "Sun Tracker" equipment at the time of its crash.

The pilot and four passengers were uninjured. The pilot reported that the right engine suffered a severe failure and that he was unable feather the right propeller, resulting in an uncontrollable descent. While on a qualifying lap, the aircraft's engine blew and pilot Brent Hisey landed it half-on and half-off the runway, causing it to spin around and come to rest on its belly. Miss America crewmembers say the aircraft is repairable. This aircraft was recovered from deep within a field of ice in Greenland after being abandoned in the s after a forced landing.

Tom Righetti, was killed. Air Traffic Control personnel reported that before the crash, the pilot radioed that he was in a storm and was returning to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

According to witnesses, the aircraft stalled and spun during a post-flyby pullup. Army announced that a man team has recovered the remains of four American servicemen whose Curtiss C crashed in China in March The team spent two months excavating the site, which was located on a cliff face at an elevation of 15, feet in the Tibetan Himalayas.

He cycled the landing gear several times and performed two photo passes for the crowd, reporting that the aircraft flew well, if slightly right-wing "heavy. Witnesses reported that the engine failed catastrophically, and the airplane went down in a marsh off the departure end of the runway. The aircraft went down in a swampy area behind a housing subdivision.

The aircraft was undergoing high-speed taxi tests when it reportedly got airborne after a 1,foot roll, and flew for approximately 1, additional feet. For more information, see http: In Summer , one of each of the aircraft types suffered fatal inflight breakups.

Proceeds from the sale will help to compensate the wife of a former Cuban spy. Cuba is demanding the return of the airplane. The aircraft, like the ones which will follow, is an exact replica, built using an original airframe as a pattern, and powered by a new engine. Sierra Hotel Aero , a St. Paul, Minnesota, USA-based company, purchased the type certificate, production jigs, and engineering data for the North American Navion series of aircraft.

The company plans to provide maintenance and repair support for current operators of the type, and will offer improvements and modifications for existing airplanes, including hp engine installations.

The first replica Messerschmitt Me jet see 25 November news item has made its first official test flight, reaching a height of feet. Test pilot Wolf Czaia reported the jet's handling qualities as "excellent.

The Hellcat, registered to the Planes of Fame Museum, sustained substantial damage to its left wing, but the pilot managed to land safely. The pilot escaped injury as the plane slid feet off the main runway, struck a concrete block, and came to rest in a drainage ditch. Damage to the airplane appears to be extensive. After landing, a bullet hole was discovered in the left wing. Pilot Wayne Milburn and owner Matt Denning reported that it flew well during its minute flight.

Witnesses reported that the aircraft was performing aerobatics prior to the accident. The event will feature WWII memorabilia, aircraft parts, old manuals, vintage art, books, and other rare items. For more information, see their Web site.

Pilot Ollie Crawford was uninjured. The aircraft came to rest on its belly and appears to be repairable. A Cuban DC-3 airliner, operated by a commuter airline called Aerotaxi , was hijacked by six men wielding knives. The fabric-covered flight controls on both airplanes were destroyed, and their paint and sheet metal were damaged.

Both aircraft are expected to be fully repairable. Circumstances of the accident are not known. It is now in the identical colors and configuration that it had in , when it served at Douglas AAF, Arizona. The sole occupant was uninjured. Rick was a friend of ours, and a great guy. The staff of Warbird Alley offers its sincere condolences to Rick's family and friends.

The pilot ejected but was fatally injured when his parachute apparently did not deploy. The aircraft crashed into the lake. ATSI owns a dozen A-4s used for government contract work. An article in Canada's National Post profiled a new aircraft collector named Ed Russell, an Ontario architect who recently became wealthy as a result of a lawsuit.

Russell apparently has been acquiring and flying a rapidly-growing collection of warbirds, including a Spitfire Mk. IX and a Harvard , with plans to purchase many more types. The article said that associates close to Mr. Russell have noted his abundant enthusiasm, yet many have expressed concern about his extremely limited flight experience.

The pilot was uninjured, and the aircraft suffered relatively minor damage. A Bell UH-1 "Huey" helicopter which was clearing the old Kahoolawe weapons range in Hawaii suffered a cable snag on its tail rotor and crashed, killing the pilot, Gary Freeman.

Gusty winds may have been a factor in the accident. The aircraft apparently veered off the runway, causing the main landing gear legs to collapse. The firm which owns and operates the fleet of A-4 Skyhawks mentioned in the 10 May news item, has purchased an additional 17 A-4s from New Zealand's air force, which retired them in It is possible that some of the aircraft may initially go to Australia for some government contract work, but the rest will apparently be shipped to ATSI's operating location in Mesa, Arizona, USA to join their existing fleet of 12 Skyhawks.

NTSB reports indicate a possible loss of control in IFR instrument flight conditions as the cause, and witnesses reported seeing the aircraft exiting the bottom of the clouds in a steep dive before it hit the ground.

The airplane is owned by the Commemorative Air Force. The students are learning various facets of aircraft restoration, in addition to interpersonal communication, leadership development, and many other life skills -- and are apparently doing very well.

The pilot, Andrea Ellen Rice, was killed when the aircraft impacted the ground after performing several aileron rolls. The aircraft was one of three operated by the Airshows America team. The aircraft appeared to have suffered only minor damage. Through the diligent efforts of EAA, AOPA and other groups, the United States Senate and House of Representatives re-wrote legislation which had threatened the continued existence of warbird aircraft and virtually all ex-military equipment by requiring them to be destroyed at the owner's expense.

The bills, this year carrying the designations S. Witnesses reported that the aircraft's engine failed on takeoff after ingesting debris, possibly from an unlocked nose baggage compartment. The airplane stalled and the pilot, Elmo Hahn, ejected from the airplane at low altitude. Because of the low altitude, he struck the ground before his parachute could fully deploy.

He was taken to a local hospital, where he died a short time later. Deliveries will begin in the late summer of Witnesses reported hearing and seeing problems with at least one of the aircraft's engines prior to impact. They have been identified as Lt.

Commander Bill Murton pilot and Neil Rix. This particular aircraft was completely restored in Neither the pilot, passenger, nor bystanders were injured.

Both pilots were killed. The aircraft crashed through the perimeter fence, across a road, and into some brush, but the pilot, Tobe Gooden, was uninjured. Repair of the Boeing Stratoliner which ditched in Elliot Bay, Washington, USA last year has been completed, and the aircraft took to the air on its first post-restoration test flight. Some bunkers, first discovered in , were deemed to be empty, but Stasi archival records have revealed new information about additional, undiscovered storage areas under the runways.

A Hawker Hunter T. The pilot, noted F owner and airshow performer Tom Delashaw, was killed. A Fairchild CK operated on behalf of Starchaser Industries participated in the testing of an experimental, manned rocket capsule by dropping it and its pilot from 10, feet over Kingman, Arizona, USA. The British space tourism company is participating in the X-Prize contest. The DC-3 was on a secret mission to track Soviet radar installations, and the incident had been covered up until The circumstances of the accident are unknown, but the pilot reportedly escaped injury.

Neither pilot was injured. Pilot Joe Vance was killed and his passenger was seriously injured after the aircraft hit trees just short of a pasture after an apparent engine malfunction. The aircraft was fitted with several external cameras, and the flight was intended to be an operational test of the equipment.

Neither of the aircraft's crewmembers were injured, and the aircraft reportedly suffered only minor damage. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft flying low and erratically before it clipped the top of a house and hit the ground. The wreckage of an Avro Anson from the Indonesian Air Force which disappeared in December, has been discovered in a swamp in Indonesia. The plane is believed to have been shot down by Dutch Ps during the country's war for independence, and was piloted by the founder of the Indonesian Air Force.

A salvage operation is planned. The remains of another vintage aircraft, this time an RAF deHavilland Vampire jet, has been discovered in a jungle. The aircraft, which flew from Tengah, Singapore with No. The aircraft suffered only minor damage. The pilot reported that he mistakenly retracted the landing gear instead of the flaps on final approach. The aircraft suffered minor damage. Pilot Dale Snodgrass was not injured. The aircraft, owned by the Collings Foundation, sustained damage to the propeller and belly, but appears to be easily repairable.

The pilot and one passenger were seriously injured; one passenger was killed. The aircraft plowed through a commercial honey farm, and rescue efforts were hampered by the presence of tens of thousands of angry bees. The aircraft's wing was damaged and its main landing gear was torn from the airplane in the accident. The passenger, Yeager's wife, was not injured. Forestry Service, crashed in the mountains northeast of Redlands, California, USA, with the loss of both crewmembers aboard. A Max Holste M.

No further information is available. The US National Transportation Safety Board NTSB has issued a letter to operators of Yak aircraft to be on the alert for foreign objects which might impair the movement of the elevator bellcrank behind the rear seat. A recent rash of accidents has been attributed to this factor. The letter urges Yak owners to install Plexiglas skin panels so they can inspect the mechanism before flight. The museum is actively recruiting volunteers who are interested in joining the restoration team, either through direct work on the airplane; donations of parts, manuals, or advice, or monetary donations.

The pilot, Bill Johnson, was killed and the aircraft was destroyed. The aircraft had been involved in an air-to-air photo mission and was on final approach to land when it went down. The cause of the accident is under investigation. The aircraft was observed to enter a turn, then a spin, before hitting the ground. Both the pilot and passenger were injured, but further information is not available.

Well-known warbird pilot John Herlihy was killed, and the other occupant was seriously injured. The US-based Commemorative Air Force CAF has voluntarily grounded its entire fleet of over vintage aircraft until 24 November while it analyzes several fatal accidents which occurred this year.

This course, offered several times each year, offered both an overview of the skills and techniques used to restore vintage aircraft, and a chance to ride in a B Mitchell bomber. The museum cites its increasing restoration workload as the reason for discontinuing the classes. The aircraft went down under unknown circumstances in a mobile home park, destroying three homes and injuring one person on the ground.

Dan was a friend of ours, and our condolences go out to his family and friends. The sole occupant was not injured.

Witnesses reported seeing parts of the nosegear doors departing from the aircraft after the blast. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has announced that they have developed a system which might contribute to the resumption of space shuttle missions, by using two WB planes carrying sophisticated cameras. The WB aircraft, which are derived from, and closely related to the Canberra bomber, have been used for years by NASA, and would make ideal observation posts from which to watch for pieces falling from the shuttle during launch.

Both crewmembers Don Wylie and William Eisenhauer were killed. The aircraft was operated by Texas Air Aces, an air-combat and upset-training company.

It is not known what type of maneuver was being performed at the time of the accident. A witnesses reported seeing one of the wings separating from the aircraft. The seven-man crew of a U. The crew's remains were identified earlier in Federal Aviation Administration FAA has ordered a "special inspection" of all Beechcraft T Mentor wing spars within days, following the 19 November accident in Texas in which the right wing separated from one of the airplanes during air-combat maneuver training.

Before crashing into a hangar, the airplane clipped the tails of two parked North American T Trojan trainers on the ramp, substantially damaging both warbirds. The Ts are operated by Trojan Phlyers, Inc. In December, the FAA had demanded a day compliance. See News item above. The aircraft, a PBY Catalina , Vultee Vengeance and Vought Kingfisher, are partly restored, but the museum does not have the resources to complete the projects.

A new aircraft, the Wildfire Unlimited Air Racer , is being built to compete head-to-head against the traditional WWII-era fighter aircraft which have dominated the field at such events as the Reno Air Races for many decades.

Powered by an R radial engine, it slightly resembles a Grumman Bearcat. A policy change appears to be underway at the Federal Aviation Administration FAA regarding the operation of some warbird aircraft types.

Among other actions, the FAA seeks to restrict "flights for hire" of two-place aircraft which were originally single-place aircraft, such as the P and P, since they "no longer represent [the aircraft] operated during World War II. These actions came to light when the Administration recently notified the Commemorative Air Force CAF that they could only operate their experimental-category P, P and T aircraft "for the purpose of carrying persons for compensation" though 30 November During its trip, it will visit more than 20 locations across the country.

The aircraft was advertised as being an ex-Blue Angel airplane, but it is not known how it came to be on the open market without being "de-militarized. The bidding for the Hornet project, which began at around one million dollars, escalated to an unrealistic 99 million dollars before the auction was terminated by eBay. The crash, the latest in a long string of incidents in the past few years, renewed public discussion about the maintenance reliability of the 's-era fighters, which make up almost half of the country's fighter inventory.

At least one crewmember parachuted to safety, but the fate of the other three is unknown. The Administration took these measures partly in response to a November accident in which a TA in Texas lost its wing due to apparent overstress. Aircraft which have not complied with the required inspections by March 15, will be grounded. Aircraft operators, restorers and owners of fully restored vintage aircraft in original flying condition can enter.

Entry applications, details on eligibility and judging criteria are available at http: Pilot Chris Timms, a former Olympic gold-medal winning yachtsman, and Kerry Campbell, the chief executive of the Ardmore Airport, were killed when the aircraft dove into the Firth of Thames. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft in a spin prior to hitting the water.

A group in Gila Bend, Arizona, USA is pursuing plans to create a "Classic Jet Airbase" there, with regular fly-ins and airshows helping to attract not only jet owners and operators, but spectators from nearby Phoenix and around the world. Forest Protection Limited , operators of a fleet of TBM Avengers which were converted to firebombers in the s, has decided to sell three more of the vintage aircraft, along with maintenance and flight-training packages.

Threat to Warbird Rides: The Federal Aviation Administration FAA is considering revising regulations which govern the operation of vintage, antique and warbird aircraft used to give rides. The proposals would effectively eliminate the ability to give rides in the USA. Several large aviation organizations are battling the proposal, and your help is needed. You can learn more about the FAA's proposal and find out how to comment by going to either the PlaneRide. After checking in with the Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center, the pilot radioed that he was having fuel transfer problems, then the aircraft disappeared.

State Police and Civil Air Patrol teams located the crash site after a two-day search. A Florida-based company, Warbird Adventures, Inc. Navy has filed a lawsuit against a Minnesota warbird restorer who salvaged the wreckage of a rare, Brewster-built F3A-1 Corsair from a North Carolina swamp in The aircraft, which went down in , was stripped of armament and instruments by the Navy shortly after the crash, then abandoned.

The Navy now claims ownership of the airplane. The Brewster version of the Corsair is extremely rare, and it is believed that its historical value is the reason for the Navy's legal action. Restorer Lex Cralley has vowed to vigorously defend his ownership of the airplane.

The Swiss-based Super Constellation Flyers Association has announced that their Lockheed Constellation , long under restoration in the United States, will soon be ferried to Europe, where it will be flown on the airshow circuit for the public to enjoy. Flight training and ground training sessions will take place, and there will be plenty of socializing and good food. For more information, see the All Red Star web site. The wreckage of a lost P Lightning found off the coast of France has been positively identified as that of the airplane last flown in by famed writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of such classics as "The Little Prince" and "Wind, Sand and Stars.

Saint-Exupery disappeared during a wartime reconnaissance mission. Photo submitted by Virgil Belk. The troublesome Notice of Proposed Rule Making NPRM , if passed into law, would effectively shut down hundreds of smaller sightseeing operations, many utilizing vintage, classic and warbird aircraft types. Damage to the aircraft is fairly extensive, but it is thought to be completely repairable. A Jet Provost T3A and a Lockheed TA were rolled into the large facility, marking the beginning of a process which will culminate in more than a dozen aircraft eventually being on display.

Forest Service, made a forced landing in a wheat field near the Hemet-Ryan Airport, Hemet, California, after losing engine power during a maintenance ferry-flight. The pilot suffered minor injuries. North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is credited with using his political clout to get the Navy to transfer the aircraft's title to Cralley, and to drop the lawsuit. The pilot, Donald "Pappy" Hinz, was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, but passed away from his injuries on 30 May.

The aircraft was apparently scheduled to take part in a Memorial Day formation fly-by near the time of the accident. The pilot was not injured when the aircraft slid off the left side of the runway. The sole occupant was killed. The pilot was unhurt, and damage to the aircraft is unknown.

A newly-restored Focke-Wulf A8 was test-flown in Germany, the first such restoration of a Fw The airplane was restored by Flug Werk GmbH of Germany, and the test flight was conducted by pilot Horst Philipp, who reported that the airplane flew well. The plane, which was enroute to a parachute competition, was scheduled to appear at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, later in the month.

Three of the five people on board were killed. White One, the replica Messerschmitt Me jet which suffered a landing gear collapse in January , has made a successful third test flight in Washington state, USA, after a long repair process. The body of the pilot was recovered two weeks after the accident, but the plane was never seen again until today. The plane is reported to be in amazingly good shape. The Associated Press has reported that the wreckage of a Douglas C which was shot down in China in , and possibly the remains of its crew, have been recovered.

The aircraft, operated by Civil Air Transport, went down near the town of Antu after being hit by anti-aircraft artillery.

Two CIA operatives onboard survived, and were held captive for more than twenty years. The pilot was not injured, but the aircraft's wing and left landing gear were damaged. A Florida-based warbird flight operation, Warbird Adventures, suffered a setback as a tornado spawned by Hurricane Charley collapsed a hangar and severely damaged two of their North American SNJ trainers and two helicopters.

In related news, a Douglas DC-3 undergoing restoration at Orlando Executive Airport, Florida, was picked up by the hurricane and blown into a number of hangars at the airport, destroying it and the structures. A member recovery team returned the remains of a U. The aircraft has had a long, convoluted history since its recovery from a Russian Lake in The aircraft came to rest inverted in the water. Aircraft restorer Mike Davey unveiled the restored cockpit of a Spitfire fighter which was recovered from a bog in Acklington, Northumberland, UK.

The cockpit section will be displayed at historic Hooton Park airfield , the same airfield where the plane was based until it crashed in during a formation training mission. A new bill H.

House of Representatives which, if passed, would have severely restricted all types of General Aviation in the United States. Thanks to an overwhelmingly negative response from the aviation community and other politicians, the sponsor withdrew the bill on 15 September. The pilot was not injured and the airplane appeared to be in good condition.

No injuries were reported to the two occupants of the airplane. The aircraft was heavily damaged, but the pilot was not injured. The airplane caught fire but it was immediately contained the Fire Department.

Four of the five occupants were uninjured and one was treated for minor abrasions at the scene. The tail section and engines of the airplane sustained major damage. The plane was created from a Hispano H. Test pilot Walter Eichhorn made several "flybys" and pronounced the airplane as an excellent flyer. The aircraft came to rest upside down in a field.

The Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport, Michigan, USA, suffered a catastrophic fire during the night which destroyed the historic hangar that housed the museum, as well as the museum's collection of artifacts, photos, books, and some aircraft which were under restoration. Museum personnel were able to save the collection's airworthy B , B and C by rolling them out of the hangar, and the outside static-display aircraft were untouched.

The museum has established a restoration fund; information is available at their website. Owner Rocky Stewart and passenger Scott Smith are presumed dead.

A replica of a Nakajima Ki "Oscar" fighter, the first of four exact replicas planned to be built by the Texas Aircraft Factory in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, suffered the collapse of its landing gear during a high-speed taxi test, and was substantially damaged.

The aircraft is owned by the Champlin Fighter Museum. Another threat to the warbird community in the USA: This could halt efforts to remove old aircraft wrecks and restore them to airworthy condition.

EAA and other aviation organizations are fighting the bill. The landing gear collapsed, but the pilot was not injured. After restarting the engine, the pilot reportedly taxied the airplane back to the airport. It is not known if the pilot sustained any injuries. The simulator, located in a flight simulation arcade in the mall, will help the Red Tail Project fund the repair of a rare "Tuskeegee Airmen" PC, which was damaged in an emergency landing in May The pilot and passenger were not injured.

No injures were reported. Witnesses reported seeing a wing separate from the plane. The accident is the second T structural-failure accident suffered by the company in thirteen months. The day will honor WWII veterans, and will include a large gathering of Corsairs, historically-accurate factory displays, flyovers and even a narrated "test flight. Another test flight is scheduled later in the month. The AD grounds the American T community for the second time in just over a year. More information is available.

An important milestone flight of a replica Messerschmitt Me fighter was accomplished in Everett, Washington, USA, as the aircraft, called "White One," successfully retracted and extended its landing gear for the first time since its previous test trials in , when the landing gear collapsed on landing.

The aircraft nosed over due to soft soil and came to rest inverted. The pilot was seriously injured. The pilot reported poor braking action on the wet runway. Cralley, along with Department of Justice officials, are working to sort out the matter.

The FAA considers the T to be just one of several high-interest aircraft which may experience a growing rate of structural-fatigue accidents. Event organizers expect to host Unlimited Class, T-6 Class, and Formula One Class races, as well as flybys and aerobatic demonstrations from various warbirds and airshow performers.

For more information see the event's web site at http: The aircraft's propeller, engine, and left wing were damaged, but neither occupant suffered injuries. The aircraft, which was owned and operated by the Aero Union Company, was on a forest fire training mission. A charitable trust has been established which hopes to get an exemption to the regulations in time for Sally B to perform her traditional Memorial Day flyover of the American Military cemetery at Madingley.

UK residents are encouraged to contact their MPs in an effort to get the law changed. For more information, see the Sally B website. Navy veteran Michael McDonough was killed, and an un-named year old volunteer was hospitalized. The two people on board suffered minor injuries. Air Assets International has announced that they have signed an agreement to have two Messerschmitt Bf fighters restored.

The restorations will be undertaken by the same company that is presently building several flyable Me replicas near Seattle, Washington, USA, and it believed the two Bf s will be restored to flyable condition.

Excavation of a road intersection in London is scheduled for 30 May in an effort to uncover the remnants of a a historic Hawker Hurricane fighter that crashed on 15 September , during the Battle of Britain.

After running out of ammunition, the Hurricane's pilot, Sgt. Ray Holmes, intentionally rammed his airplane into a German Dornier bomber. His actions are believed to have saved Buckingham Palace, the bomber's target.

The excavation of the Hurricane's crash site, to be broadcast live on the UK's Channel Five, is the result of the work of Chris Bennett and Steve Vizard, aviation archaeologists who researched the crash of the Hurricane, and contacted the pilot, now The flights, scheduled for September , will commemorate the two airplane type's significant combat involvement there during World War II. In a move reminiscent of the actions taken after a series of Beechcraft T accidents, the U.

Federal Aviation Administration is now considering adopting hour inspections of lower wing attach angles on North American T-6 Texan aircraft, following several inflight wing separations on the famous WWII-era trainer. T-6 owners, operators and type-clubs are being asked to comment on maintenance experience with the T The deadline is 4 June The plane will now be re-painted in the wartime colors and markings of its original squadron.

AD requires immediate and repetitive inspections of the inboard and outboard, upper and lower wing attach angles of both wings, and, if cracks are found, replacement of the cracked angle with a new one. The three occupants escaped serious injury, but the aircraft was destroyed.

The recovery project, carried out largely in secret, resulted in a largely intact, apparently-restorable airplane. Both the pilot and the pilot-rated passenger were killed. Witnesses reported that the aircraft struck a tree. Remains of the pilot and passenger were found, along with personal effects.

Both aircraft sustained substantial damage. Both the pilot and passenger suffered injuries; further details of the accident are not known at this time. The pilot was not injured, but the aircraft suffered substantial damage. The museum's Wessex, Canberra , Jetstream and Gannet were carefully maneuvered into the western end of the hangar. Two further aircraft, a Meteor NF12 and a Saab Draken , will soon be moved into the eastern end of the new hangar.

The aircraft was participating in warbird flybys at nearby Oshkosh Airport when it disappeared from a formation of Ps that was preparing for another pass over the EAA's AirVenture fly-in.

The left landing gear collapsed, but the plane was not seriously damaged. The two people on board were fatally injured. The aircraft was damaged, but there were no injuries to the eight people on board. The chapter will now restore the airplane. The aircraft, known as "Tango-Tango," made a successful flight at the hands of pilot Wolfgang Czaia.

It will eventually be delivered to a new owner in Germany. The administration building and an adjacent building at the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino Airfield broke out in flames and were heavily damaged.

Several historic exhibits were destroyed. A Grumman S-2 Tracker , operated by a French firefighting agency, crashed near Valgorge, France, killing the pilot and trainee.

Pilot Andrew MacKay ejected safely after the engine failed while the airplane was inverted. The plane crashed on 4 December during a training mission, killing both crewmembers.

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