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The other negative aspect of this diet is that the prepackaged foods contain the artificial sweeteners Sucaralose and Acesulfame K. Brittany September 20, at It tasted really really good. And you will know it. Elimination of fleas in the yard can be an important aspect of flea control. Too much of any nutrient can cause health problems.

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Your dinner should be a nice warm potato entrée. By now you should find yourself actually enjoying a well-prepared potato meal. If this is your first try at the potato hack, 3 days is a great accomplishment! Day 4 — If you like, add another day to your potato hack , if not, today is your first post-hack day.

Eat what you like on this day, but I want you to notice how that first bite of food tastes. Your taste buds and the reward centers of your brain have been numbed by 3 days of bland potatoes. Most likely, you woke up not hungry and, in fact, hungry for potatoes. A great first post-hack meal is hash browns, only this time cooked with a bit of oil and spiced with seasoned-salt.

Your taste buds will sparkle as the spices and oil-crisped potatoes slide over your tongue. Results — If you weighed yourself on Day 1, you should find yourself pounds lighter on Day 4. Your clothes will feel looser; people may notice a leanness in your face. But best of all, you will have an appreciation for food.

A respect for yourself. Try one of the variations this time and compare results. Two 3 day hacks a week apart are just perfect for a high school reunion. This is for the first time dieters who woke up one day and realized they need to lose some weight. But, you must learn to eat right! The potato diet will help you lose weight and keep it off, but you, my friend, need to learn how to eat. Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables?

Are you eating lots of processed foods? Are you a sugar-holic? Get going on a diet, any diet, and see how you get along.

Nearly any diet out there is better than how most Americans eat. The potato hack can help you establish your relationship with food by showing you how delicious real foods are. Use this first week to clean house. Get rid of all the junk food and greasy snacks in your house and desk drawers.

At some point, buy a pound bag of high-quality, preferably organic, potatoes. Make a couple of the potato dishes from the recipe section and have a couple potato-only meals during the week. Slow and easy wins this race.

Week 2 — Try to do a 1-day potato hack. Eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack on a potato. If the plan seems too good to be true, it is. This is also the time to evaluate your fitness levels, sleep habits, and stress. A good diet plan will encompass all of these core tenants. Has two months of the new diet helped you?

If you are happy with your new eating style, try a 3-day potato hack to really get things moving. Weeks — After about 6 months of steady dieting, you should be nearing your goal weight. If, along the way, you experience stalls in weight loss that last more than a week or two, throw in a potato hack , as many days as you can stand.

This is also a perfect time to try the many variations I showed you. Try some potato-only days or potatoes for breakfast and lunch days. The worst mind-set to get into is one of failure and defeat.

If your health seems to be deteriorating, go see a doctor. Maybe you have a health problem. Use the potato hack here and there to keep you at your target weight. Develop life-long eating and fitness habits. Do some strength training.

The potato hack is second to none for effortlessly maintaining your weight through the years. The goal of every person who has issues with easily gaining weight should be life-long maintenance of their weight in a 5 to pound range. Often when people gain a few pounds over a year or so, it goes unnoticed.

After several years, and several pants sizes later, you find that losing those extra pounds is not an easy endeavor. The best trick is to not let it get that far out of hand in the first place. We should all have a subjective measure of our health be it numbers on a scale or the size of our clothes. Scales can be misleading, but if you have a rough idea of what you weigh when you felt healthiest, your weight can be a good indicator of your maintenance activities.

Once you are at or near your goal weight, try a 2 to 3-day potato hack and see how you respond. Many people will find they can simply eat whatever they like ehm, within reason as long as they do a potato hack days a month.

A day of eating only potatoes creates a nice calorie deficit and burns a few ounces of fat. The potato hack is such an easy solution.

Good vegan diets require a lot of planning and forethought, eating potatoes does not. The Potato Hack , with its many variations, should allow you to easily keep your weight in a 5 to pound band year-round, year in and year out. In this regard, no one can say the potato hack is a fad diet.

Here we are using The Potato Hack to simply keep our metabolism, gut health, and weight in check. If you just need to lose a couple pounds, a lot of pounds, or want to keep weight off long-term, The Potato Hack may be just what you need. Can sweet potatoes be used or does it have to be white? Can this be effective for people with high cortisol or adrenal issues?

Sweet potatoes can absolutely be used. Populations have lived on almost nothing but sweet potatoes and been perfectly healthy:. Of course, white potatoes are great too. The lowly white potato is actually one of the best foods you can eat—for weight loss, health, and several other reasons. Read all about it:. If potatoes really are as satiating as claimed, why do I feel like my stomach is eating itself minutes after I eat 3 potatoes.

I had been struggling to lose weight all along but just 3 days last week made me lose 2. My question is can I do it again after a 3 day break and do I expect the same amount of weight loss? Please do it as often as you like. Lots of people doing the potato hack days per month to keep gut working well, reduce inflammation, and keep weight in check. For weight loss, days every week or other week works wonders! I started my first hack this morning. My husband has kidney problems do cannot eat potatoes due to the potassium.

Would rice be able to be used instead for a short hack? I know this has no substitutions for the white potato, but would a rice hack have any value? Thanks for your time. A rice hack will work, but people find they easily overeat rice, so some care must be taken to keep calories in the range or so.

Generally people can eat potatoes at will ad libitum and never exceed calories. Hello, I am on day 8. I have eaten only potatoes. Drinking waterblack coffee ,and unsweetened ice tea. Feel pretty good down 13 pounds. No aches, my asthma has not flared up since either. I am going for the full 14 days I think. At this point I am day by day. My diet was really bad. At 55 I needed a kick in the was and this by far is the easiest I have ever done.

Like Liked by 1 person. I have a simple question. Is it a problem if I have been on th Hack for 2 days, but I dont find myself truly hungry. But I have yet to feel or even think about how hungry I am. Calorie restriction without hunger. This is what the whole HCG craze was about, with HCG, the person gets an injection of a hormone that allows you to eat very little without feeling hungry, however many are saying it is very unsafe.

Read your book in one day and implemented a program the next! Does it disturb the resistance starch by re-heating at too high a temperature? Also, I noticed some potato recipes are freshly cooked not cooked, cooled, reheated — are those really OK during a 3 day hack? When potato hacking, do not give RS a second thought. Just eat the potatoes in any way you like.

While potato hacking, you are most likely getting more fiber and RS than you will ever get normally, no matter how the spuds are prepared. Reheating normally does not destroy the RS. There is a point where it can be degraded, but not with normal cooking. Myself, my wife, and our two daughters are doing the potato hack, inspired by Penn Jillette and Ray Cronise.

Any thoughts on this? I should have written more about the B issue in the book, for sure. The deal with B, it takes a long time, years, to deplete B from your body, it is recycled many times.

Many vegans do not take B supplements, relying on blood labs, only to find that they suddenly are having issues related to B deficiency after several years. So the potato hack for a week or so is no problem.

There are no vitamins or minerals that you need to ingest on a daily basis, otherwise we would not be able to fast for so long. It surprised me when people started worrying about vitamin and mineral deficiencies after days on just spuds.

I like to keep potato hacks in the day range, interrupted by healthy eating. This ensures all vitamin needs are met long-term. I believe I heard 2 weeks? Shuld be fine to potato hack 2 weeks straight, even a month. But the protocol I like is days, the vast majority of people find this schedule very easy and they can still socialize on the weekend, lol. I was looking for a 5 day period with a 3lb weight loss. Am I not eating enough?

Have I put my body into starvation mode and consequently holding on to weight? The variation you are doing, Potatoes by Day, is more of a long-term weight maintenance, slow weight loss, variation. It looks as if you are in great health, active, and just a few pounds above where you want to be. And I will give myself the liberty of eating hashbrowns with home rendered duck or pig fat for breakfast.

I also lost no weight in the 3 day hack. Unlike you, I did not exercise. I know that I have a tendency toward adrenal fatigue.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has had the same issues. I have failed so miserably at all other attempts over the last year. I can already tell my belly is going down. I am getting ready for a new me. To me this seems miraculous! Just a little, please! Just cook them at a bit lower heat than normal, and put a lid on to steam them through.

Also, one of the favorites of lots of people is simple mashed potatoes. Maybe because they are not dry? We like them better this way normally, now. Broth adds minimal calories and no fat, but gives a great taste and some moisture. Hashbrowns and Kona coffee for breakfast. Mashed potatoes for lunch. Big pile of oven fries dipped in Wao Nahele hot sauce for dinner..

Starting the Hack tomorrow September 1. I did have a question, though. After reading through the book and the plan, I saw that your recommended drinks for accompanying the hack are water, tea, or coffee. However, in the evenings I really enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and another while watching TV with my wife before bed. Too many extra non-potato calories?

Do you think the alcohol will interfere with the process? I think wine will not be good, but who knows? Maybe it will work for you. Oh, by the way, I am on Day 15 of a day extended hack.

The trick is to find ways of cooking potatoes that you can make quickly and enjoy eating. I wrote an update, top of the blog, but it is hard to see for some reason. The link should take you there. Steven dude, I hope you are drinking decaf iced tea. Too much caffeine can be a bad thing, plus tea has a high concentration of oxalate, one of the key chemicals that leads to the formation of kidney stones.

Add a little lime or lemon or both. My current favorite is a blend including fresh rose hips. Hello Tim, I did two rounds of the 3 day potato-only hack. Any ideas on how to control this? The best way is to just keep ahead of it by doing repeated potato hacks until you are at your goal weight, then a few more until you can stay there.

Many find that even one day a week of potatoes helps them to maintain their weight. If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, you can expect some regain between hacks, but you are looking for a long, downward trend.

Alba, I gained some of my weight back too, but I am pretty sure it is my wine and muscle. My plan is to do the hack about 2 times per month and see how it goes. I like to see people aggressively get to goal weight, and then passively stay there by using periodic potato hacks. Lost about 10 pounds so far, but eating far more potatoes than I would in the day shorter hacks. So, perhaps if you really want top kick things up and hit that goal weight, just eat potatoes until you are there.

And, periodic breaks do not seem to hamper the results. I appreciate any advice, tips, or tricks. Excited to check back with results! Hi Laura — I can commiserate, those last 10 are indeed the hardest to lose.

Is anyone else weighing out their portion sizes throughout the day? Or do you just give yourself a general weight to eat for the day? The goal is to just eat until you are full without worrying about portion sizes or amounts per day. That said, most people find they can remain satisfied eating pounds of potatoes per day weight before cooking.

I am and have been a vegan for 12 years, gluten-free for about 5, I eat a minimal amount of processed foods with at least half my standard diet consisting of raw produce, but I have to say, this potato-only diet is HARD.

Any tips to help me get through this? Also, would I be better off sticking to a more strict 3-day hack or slightly modifying ketchup please! Laura — Having just come off a 30 day hack, I do not feel much sympathy for you, lol. Have you read the book? A much less strict day hack might even be better, depending on your goals.

The Spudtember challenge sounded interesting, will you be doing any more of that? One question after reading your book: I think potato dinners would also work.

The weight loss may be slower than full-on all-potato for days, but any meal that contains just plain potatoes is a very good way to keep weight in check and drop a few pounds long-term.

Tim, you have no idea how encouraging that was to hear! Even just reading that, I feel relieved and more confident in making this hack a success. I bought and used a variety of potatoes. The meal I did peel the potatoes was fine tasting, but the others had a horrid bitter taste, almost like metal. I recognized the taste I had previously tastes at times eating potatoes in my life, but never knew why. The bitterness was so bad I could not continue eating. But have actually been sitting for months in light and therefore have this toxic bitterness taste to them.

I guess I just grew up thinking those skins held a little more nutrition. I always recommend getting the best quality potato you can find, preferably organic, and then peel or not depending on how the potatoes look. Clean, smooth skin is usually fine. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Age, weight, goals, medical problems, normal eating style, etc.

I consider myself fairly athletic and I eat a gluten-free vegan diet. I never eat breakfast and it is not uncommon to skip lunch as well.

I am currently being treated for hypothyroid mcg levothyroxine. I gain weight very easily and it is difficult for me to lose. Try sticking to the lower end, but then again, you do not have that much to lose, and your diet looks good. You probably suffer very little from the inflammation that plagues most SAD eaters, so your weight loss is not going to be dramatic. Your weight sounds stubborn. I heard about the potato hack from my trainer. I also read your book. It was very informative.

I had to sit out a week. My ideal weight is pounds. My question to you is on my off days can I add raw potatoes to my smoothies. Or should I just choose potato starch from the bakery isle. Raw potatoes blended in a smoothie are probably better than plain potato starch as they contain more nutrients. Peels are fine, but many prefer to peel. If potatoes look green or dirty, I always peel. Tim, sometimes I get baked potatoes, to go, at a local BBQ place. They come wrapped in foil and the skin peels right off.

I really like the texture of baked vs boiled. The type of potato, cooking temps and methods make the differences. You just need to experiment, or better, ask the chef how he does it, lol. Cooking in tin foil makes a more steamed potato than baked. Did you see the recipe section in my book, lots of good baking recipes. Thanks for the awesome site. I actually used to make baked potato plates by thin slicing potatoes and repeatedly toasting them in a toaster oven, freezing, repeat till they all turn crisp.

Can I still do that? Also any spices OK to use? Most spices are fine, but added veggies are discouraged see: Here is a twist, I have been pretty severely Intermittent fasting, anywhere from 24 hr to 20 days for 4 months now, on a 9 dayer now, then a 10 day and an 8 day is planned. If you are at mid-teens, why not just try to maintain and focus on building some muscle? I am at this point getting rid of the grabbable fat, and I plan on getting to or so and then stabilizing , and maybe do potato hack when I hit and eat normally till that point.

I have dry cooked potatoes and eaten them a plenty, but I am reading about lectins — in raw potatoes. Is that a big concern? I could remove the skin and cook it along with the other potatoes so I get the nutrition in the skins. What removes lectins without damaging the Resistant starches? Its about 2 months before I get to the potato hack. I do intermittent fasting through the week skip breakfast with occasional hr fasts. I want to lose belly fat, as my doctor has pointed that out to me as problem given my family history.

I aimed to do the 3-day hack this week with a bag of Yukon Golds and a bag of small reds. I had been eating cold boiled for lunch and in the afternoon at work, and microwaved for supper. I got through to the afternoon of the second day before I cracked like an egg. Got a bag of peanuts from the vending machine and ate a protein bar. I was a little light-headed the first afternoon, then fuzzy-headed and light-headed the second day, and I could not stop thinking about food.

It was a temporary feeling I ate them later that night. My wife had made a little salmon and green beans for her supper so she let me share some of that for my supper on the second night. It tasted really really good. Anyway — I did lose about 3lbs from the morning of the 1st day, went to the bathroom a lot more, and feel fine today eating normally today, which would have been my 3rd day; no lightheaded or fuzziness.

I started at I like the simplicity of just potatoes — makes it harder to talk myself into cheating! Also — having to address the concerns of my wife, who sees this as potentially unhealthy and had little confidence I could get through the 3 days. So I had to eat a little crow in addition to potatoes, but as I reminded her, this was an experiment and I intend to continue experimenting till I get it right. Many of my current diet and exercise habits were equally wobbly at the start.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for the note Michael! This is very typical what you describe. Now that you have some confidence and know your weaknesses, you can try it again later. For me, the only way I can enjoy potatoes for a week is to make French fries, hashbrowns, and mashed potatoes. Before you try again, experiment finding different ways of cooking the spuds so that you do not mind eating them. Some good quality Russets, baked in the oven, stored in the fridge, then reheated in the microwave a very good, especially with some spices and a bit of hot broth of they are too dry.

Your imagination is the limit. But, it works for most, and the weight loss can be dramatic. My friend has been doing the potato hack for months with great success but I have not fared as well.

The first time I tried it I became ill with indigestion and threw up. I assumed it was maybe a dodgy potato. Day 2 I ate nothing. Day 3 I tried a few boiled potatoes and started burping again. I reached out to my friend who is losing weight and feeling great for advice and he said his wife has had a similar experience to mine, that she has twice tried but has become sick on day one each time. I wonder if you have any thoughts on the matter? I am generally healthy except for autoimmune thyroiditis and arthritis vegan middle aged woman.

I have had great results with the master cleanse in the past. Not that I lost weight on it but it seemed to reduce inflammation and reset my system somehow. Another reason I wanted to try this diet! I have never really been a meat eater. For years I was a mostly vegetarian. I ate eggs and fish occasionally. But 17 years ago when I met my partner and he was vegan I transitioned.

Well, then, it boggles my mind how a person could regularly eat potatoes, but a potato-only meal makes them ill. What happens if you eat a baked potato by itself? Maybe try, but keep individual servings on the smaller side, ie. Hi Tim, day one here for me, I need to lose about 10kg, in Australia we go by kilos. I had grams dry fried potatoes with a little seasoned salt for late breakfast and grams of potoatoes cooked with low salt chicken stock in an oven roasting tin in the outside barbecue oven, 40 degrees Celsius here today so too hot to put the oven on in the house, I made three times that amount so enough for two more meals, will try dry roasted potato wedges in the barbecue tonight with just a pump spray of olive oil, maybe a tiny amount of tomato sauce and seasoned salt, I am looking forward to that, well day one and easy peasy so far though early days yet, thanks again.

Hi Tim, I figured I would post this since it may be the case with someone else too. After our exchange the other day I decided to give the potato hack another try day 2 today and again having problems which I realize are hypoglycemia.

Just to clarify, I am pounds so I am not doing this for weight loss but rather for fixing my gut, my skin problem and the recent flair of knee pain. About 2 hours after my potato breakfast I feel lightheaded — both yesterday and today. I am paying specific attention to where this is coming from and it is not my stomach.

I wonder if I should add that while potato hacking or take that first and then do the PH? Any feedback much appreciated. Do you have a tester?

You can get an inexpensive one to see: No, I do not have a tester and never thought I needed one. I never have this problem when eating a balanced meal. If I go get a tester, when should I be testing? That was my problem. The only way to test this type is by continuous monitoring, a long test in which several sugars are given to induce the effect.

Also, I had a bit if coconut oil with my lunch potatoes yesterday and today I had half an avocado with them and there was no more problem for the rest of the day. What I feel later is simple hunger. Wilbur, how did you know that yours was sensitivity to drops in blood sugar rather than hypoglycemia? Did you do continuous monitoring? And also, how did you decide to take Glucomannan?

Well, if you felt better adding some oil, then by all means keep it up! It sounds like you are on the right track, and if you get tired of potatoes add some sweet potatoes, plantains, beans, or lentils, too. All good gut food. My entire life I knew it as hypoglycemia. It ran for generations in my family. And the test is arduous. I just took glucomannan because it was a fiber that was not already in my mix.

I was trying to get lots of different fibers. I just noticed that it went away entirely after starting glucomannan. And you will know it. I have never had bouts of dizziness when having a hypo episode. Sweating, jittery legs are other symptoms. And if you eat pure sugar it generally goes away quite quickly. But it will spike your blood sugars again, sending them sky high again. If you generally have high blood sugar levels, then a big drop in sugar levels will give you the same signals of a hypo, when in fact your levels are still above normal.

That is because your body has accepted a higher set point and will give you the same symptoms when it drops below that set point. The only way to find out how your blood sugars are responding is by testing, which I have been doing for 15 years. I have recently found out that the condition of our gut flora has a huge influence on our blood sugars.

IPS, though, has the same symptoms without blood sugars being below the base level. The cause is unknown. Some people still call IPS hypoglycemia because the symptoms are the same. You can test for hypoglycemia because your blood sugar will be below the base level when it happens.

For my former IPS, blood sugar would show normal when I had symptoms. So testing for IPS seems to involve continuously monitoring to match onset of the symptoms to a drop in blood sugars. My understanding is that it is a five-hour test involving fasting and different types of sugars. Another difference is that IPS rarely never? As you know, true hypoglycemia can be very dangerous.

And, yes, it is a very different type of hunger! From reading both your comments I think mine is something like what Wilbur describes and not what Jo describes. Definitely not very severe.

I have experienced it when out and about and never felt I was in danger. Just wanted to eat something sooner than I had planned. And it only happens between breakfast and lunch and not between lunch and dinner. I am going to try Glucomannan to see what effect it would have. I will probably get a blood tester kit too. The thing with glucomannan is that it swells a LOT. Karl the Elixa guy was astounded by how much. I think Tim has turned water into a brick with it.

I use about 20 oz. I would never, ever use capsules because of fear that one breaks in my throat. Both Karl and I experience a very full feeling while taking it. I take it with my other fibersbout 30 minutes after breakfast. All sources I find recommend taking it 30 min before breakfast and you do the exact opposite.

At dinner one night, I was seated next to a healthy-looking and only slightly overweight business executive whose table behavior reminded me of my kids during the worst of their picky eating phases. Only then did he dig into the buttered filet mignon.

Just my luck, I thought, another Atkins dieter. In a minute he will be telling me how much weight he has lost eating this way. Pleased as could be, he said he had just lost eleven pounds in two weeks on the Atkins diet.

Off duty as I was trying to be, I did not point out that his vegetables had only tiny amounts of sugars, too little carbohydrate to make any difference. I also did not point out that there was no way he could have lost that weight as body fat.

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