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Minestrone with dinosaur noodles. She doesn't want to sit around the house all day, so she's decided to go for a run to have some fun in the sun. And if you can imagine the love already swirling the air in the city of brot But right now she has a big issue, she doesn't know what to wear! Her purple decal bag is packed, her high laced boots OMG it sounds so good!

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Alex Karras , actor. Elmore "Dutch" Leonard , author. Joe Louis , boxer. The MC5 , band. Rosa Parks , civil rights activist. Lone Ranger , radio show. List provided by Ed Golick,. Barna Bee Children's Shop. See how to make quick, simple strawberry ice cream. A fruity, dairy-free frozen treat with coconut milk instead of cream. I made this for a group of 8 adults and 4 children ages I had so hoped it would be enjoyed by all, but 3 of the children politely declined dessert.

My son-in-law, who is normally not I took a whole pan to a cookout and brought it home empty: I loved it because it was so easy, they loved it because it was equally delicious. I took the suggestion of topping it It went fast at the cookout I brought it to! The hot fudge sauce doesn't pour very easily, and so the final layer didn't spread very well. I covered it with foil and the entire top layer stuck It's less sinful with Skinny Cow ice cream bars, fat free cool whip, and low fat chocolate fudge sauce.

Butterfinger or whatever decadent bar on top, of course! Found this and needed a dessert hostessing a family reunion followed by Bunco at my house on consecutive weeks. For the reunion, used a whole jar of the hot fudge sauce on This dessert was so simple and so yummy! I read A LOT of blogs. There are trends and cliques and a bajillion surveys. Good thing I loved high school….

This is precisely what I am doing today. This avocado tuna salad recipe is made at least once a week in my home. Well, minus the avocados which for some reason tend to be pricey around here CanadaProblems.

Apparently this is a no-no with my homeboys at the grocery store. If I wanna molest all the damn avocados then let me! I probably chat them up a little too much and definitely come across to the cashier as being slightly over-enthusiastic about my produce. So in order to make this avocado tuna salad recipe in my household, I am forced to hide from the avocado police and check their ripeness in secret.

This salad, your salmon salad and meat and potatoes and cauliflower for dinner? Your like a less hot version of me. Seriously you two need to come under my rock. Although I did get my first follow for follow on IG the other day.

I say feel up all the avocados you want. All I have to say is, thanks Davida for a cool new twist on my tired old tuna salad. That will shut those sour pusses up.

My go-to tuna is a hickory smoked concoction I pulled together modeled after some I used to get from a deli in NYC. It has pickle relish in it. Ha- I totally notice some of the high school aspect in the blog world. In fact, life is always like high school. When I had my son I was amused that the moms still felt like being childish and cliquey.

I have no patience for that. Been there, done it. What I am not over is avocado. I mash my chick peas and avocado basically every day during the week for lunch. On top of really toasted cinnamon raisin bread. This looks so delicious! And I read so many blogs, hundreds, all for the same reasons you do.

Some I just love, some are favorites I have been reading everyday for years, some I just stop by once in awhile, and some I hate-read too! Mostly the green ones I dont even touch, but the darker ones I do — at Costco, the are mostly all green, but in days they are perfect…just gotta be prepared for that and stock up early.

This tuna salad sounds pretty fab, Davida! The apples and walnuts and pickle juice so have my curiosity piqued! I so wanna make this and trick my daughter into eating it, she always says she hates avocados, but when I sneak them into baked products, she hardly even notices-thanks for sharing this one!!

And tuna sandwiches are awesome — tuna melts are pretty common around here. The hunt for the perfect avocado…. Being a high schooler still, I can see some of the similarities between the high school and the blogging world.

Sometimes the blog world is more classy than high school, and other times I think this about the blog world: Are we five right now?! But I love it nevertheless. I get to make fun of people in my head anyway. HAHA I love avocado.. Or my spread, or.. This looks really yummy. That being said, this looks great! Wait, are you not supposed to feel up all the avocados? Tuna fish is weirdly the very last meat that I gave up, and I really really wish someone had mashed some avo in it!

I have to prep it on the weekends and make it last through the week. In many ways, starting my blog and reading other blogs has helped me venture out of my comfort zone and try other delicious foods that I never would have tried before. Love this recipe by the way! I eat tuna almost everyday.

Mixing avocado with it is genius! I feel ya with the avocados. Those babies are expensive! The other day Matt brought home a dud and I was genuinely upset about it. As for this tuna salad, it looks amazing! I make tuna salad all the time but never thought to add in avocado. Lol at what you said about hate reading some blogs — so true! Anyway, this tuna salad looks delicious! I like how you use toasted walnuts.

I am currently in an aggressive avacado obsession: Match made in heaven gurrrllll!!! I love tuna salad! I may have mentioned this before but my hubby and I have been obsessed with avocado lately. I keep finding ways to eat it, or simply eat it alone.

This sandwich is awesome! I literally just fainted. One perk of living West Coast style is avos are between 50 cents to 1 dollar depending on how high-end your grocery store is! I was too lazy to make tuna salad so I used a seasoned and probably processed tuna packet, avo and my new fancy-dance mustard. Last summer I started putting avocados in my tuna — best thing ever!!! Now I think I need to go to the store so I can make some of this. People within the blogging world know how tight-knit this community is and how at some times it […].

I am bookmarking and going to make soon! This is a great idea since I never have mayo in the house. How long does it keep if in the fridge?

Meagan recently posted… Protein Balls 1. I stumbled across this by accident last week.