Just Because This Kraft Food Is “EASY” Doesn’t Mean You Should Eat It!

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As for making it, all you do is blend almonds in your blender, or you can buy it! Related Questions How do people serving time in prison deal with sexual urges? Federal prison in MS was horrendous. Would this work with a low gluten flour, like spelt? Suddenly we aren't left salivating over our TV screens at food genres like Spanish or authentic Mexican. In fact I got so excited I made a double one:


Wishing you continued happiness and blessings. Happy Birthday Dana, I am glad you do what you love and that we can benefit of your talent! Always great to follow you and cook your delicious recipes! I wish you a very happy birthday. This cake looks amazing! May all your dreams come true! I used All-Purpose flour in place of the gluten free flour blend but in addition to the almond flour and it came out great! Yes, I used it in place of the gf flour blend.

I like to put pineapple in my carrot cakes. Can you suggest any modifications I might need to make? You might be able to sub some of the walnuts for pineapple. Or, maybe you can sub half the applesauce for pineapple. I love carrot cake and your site! If you try one of those combos let me know! This just proves what an amazing person you are! All the greats are born in July! The birth of our country, You, Me! And in Utah we set off fireworks for your birthday! You should come check it out! And thanks for the gorgeous recipe!

Hope you enjoyed a brilliant birthday Dana. I love your recipes — they always work, without fail. Thank you so much. This cake looks awesome.

And the pictures, love them, as always! Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Have an awesome day! Beautiful cake and love the color, composition, everything! Leo the Lion, huh. Nearly as much as your most excellent recipes! Gemini here, so a pretty good match. Nearly married a Leo once. Regret not doing so too. Anyway…Best vegan food ever. I used to LOVE carrot cake, but my partner hated it. Then I had to go gluten free. Partner died, and you have concocted this great looking recipe—time to move forward and celebrate your BD!

Enjoy every last bite of that cake… Stacey. I am wondering if it is possible to make this cake with Organic Coconut Flour?? Or Organic Barley Flour? Would this work with a low gluten flour, like spelt?

Along with the almond flour? Your carrot apple muffins are divine, so I cannot wait to try this. Our little guy turns one on Friday — time to bake a cake! Curious if you tried either while you were creating this recipe? What about using jarred carrot baby food instead of applesauce or in addition? Your Birthday Cake, like all of your recipes looks delicious and i will be making a right mess in the kitchen asap. What are the garnishes on top?

I am excited to try this recipe! I got so excited by this one that I set to it straight away, even if it meant creating compote from dried apple rings.

In fact I got so excited I made a double one: My whole life is controlled by the veggies in the fridge, I have dreams about carrots left to shrivel when they could have done wondrous things. So wishing you a lovely relaxed day, and sending good wishes and thanks from all of us that smile when a new recipe arrives amongst the work emails. You are an inspiration for healthier and happier eating.

Do you think I could use gluten free all purpose flour only? Or at least sub it for your mix? This blog you have made is amazing! You made me bealive I can do all the things I want and live a life doing what I love! By combining all my passions. Thank you for all you do. I hope you have a wonderful day: Could you sub dates for the walnuts? Love all your recipes: Going to try this using half all-purpose and half whole wheat flour. Can I replace this? What is the maple syrup for since you already use brown sugar in the recipe?

Is the maple sweet purely for sweetness or does it have another function in the making of this cake? It adds another wave of flavor, and also reduces the amount of brown sugar. But feel free to experiment and cut back if you want! Happy birthday you Dana.

Sorry for the late wish. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday Thank you for all your amazing recipes. Love the simple way you present them. You are the gift. Have an amazing Day Liane. I need to work on the frosting i chose the vegan cream cheese frosting … it came out a little runny but still so good.

My vegan and non vegan friends just absolutely loved it! Gelukkige verjaardag from Julie and Stijn in Belgium: I hope you have a great birthday: Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. My husband loves, loves, loves carrots so this is perfect for him: While I have a major sweet tooth I love you chocolate recipes my husband likes very particular things.

Carrots are one of his favorite foods in the world — when he was growing up he had a lot of stomach problems and carrots were always something he could eat- so his mom called him the carrot king: You can substitute other sweeteners of choice. Just know that if wet, they may thin the batter.

And if dry, they may thicken the batter. My primary suggestions would be stevia, more brown sugar, or honey if not vegan. I am in the same boat: I subbed flax eggs for regular eggs I used 9inch pans. I used two cups of apple sauce. The recipe stated scant amount, but each cup has grams of apple sauce. I was wondering if I should have only used 1 cup? I was weighing to the gram.

Two eight inch rounds. I grated my own carrots, maybe they were too wet? I am pretty stoked about only having one bowl to wash as well! I want to make this cake without sugar even coconut sugar. What can I sub instead of the maple syrup, brown sugar, and the cane sugar? I made this tonight. Ever since going vegan almost a year ago I had yet to find a good carrot cake until now. Carrot cake is my favorite and I thought I was doomed to never eat it again after going vegan but this recipe changed that for me.

I followed the recipe as written except I added vanilla extract to the batter. I used trader joes gluten free flour and trader joes almond flour and it worked perfect! The cake came out super moist and light. I frosted it with the cream cheese frosting mentioned here and it was fantastic! Thanks so much for the recipe!!! Mine came out really ugly compared to your beautiful photos, but no one cared. Served it to 4 people and everyone raved about it.

Also, no one could believe it was vegan and gluten free. I used your cream cheese frosting recipe which was excellent, but I think Tofutti brand probably turns out best. Every single recipe I make from your website or your book comes out amazing! Thank you so much for all you do! I am going to try this with spelt flour.

I have had good look baking with spelt flour in muffins so I am hoping it works with this recipe as well. I also am going to try this with local carrots at the farmers market I love local produce ;- I will report back how it turned out. I have loved the recipes I have tried on your blog. I am wondering if extra virgin olive oil could be substituted for coconut oil in your recipes.

Such an amazing cake. I also used coconut sugar as the only sugar in the recipe, and it was sweet enough for me. For the frosting I made the tangy cashew cream cheese frosting which paired very nicely with the carrot cake. I already have people asking if I can make it again for them!! Carrot cake or funfetti cake were always my favorite on my birthday too! Over the weekend we had crappy dry gross normal carrot cake from a hotel in vegas and it was so gross.

Now I want real carrot cake with wholesome ingredients! I now have friends and family that are buying your cookbook to turn vegan after tasting your delicious recipes.

Do you have a recipe for custard? Or are you planning are making one? Would be amazing for fresh fruit pies.

We loved this recipe!! The texture was perfect, moist and fluffy, not too dense. Will definitely make again! Made this approximately an hour after it was posted ha! We are not gluten free, so I used half and half mixture of oat flour and whole wheat pastry flour. So moist and the texture is amazing. I used your Vegan buttercream frosting and oh goshhhhh. This cake is delicious, but I am more impressed by the texture than the taste! I find a lot of gluten free recipes will taste good, but disappoints when it comes to texture.

This cake is perfectly balanced in flavor, with a lovely moist, yet not too dense crumb. As always I am very happy with the results I have whenever I make one of your recipes Dana.

Just made this cake for a potluck at work tomorrow and it turned out so amazing!!! I only have one 8-inch square pan college so I made that amount of cake, and used the rest of the batter for cupcakes. I also added some coconut flakes for even more texture, and used a mix of almond meal and oat flour instead of almond flour because almonds are hella expensive and again, college student here.

For the frosting, I was going to make your cream cheese frosting but needed to accommodate a soy-intolerant friend and the soy-free Kite Hill cream cheese was out of stock. So, instead I made your vegan buttercream recipe, and added some lemon juice to give it that tangy flavor. I also added some whipped coconut cream to make it extra fluffy. Also happy birthday Dana!

I use your recipes many times per week and I so appreciate your creativity and dedication! First — Happy birthday!! Second — Is there any way I can magically transport this cake to my kitchen right now!?!

I cannot wait to try this recipe. And I am obsessed with it being gluten free!!! Thank you SO SO much for sharing this recipe! I may have to literally go and make it right now. Thanks again so much for sharing this one! Hope you had the best birthday! Your cake is beautiful, and the recipe is great!

I have an allergen-friendly blog freshisreal. Hey Dana, Would it be totally problematic to use honey, date sugar or maple syrup instead of the brown sugar and cane sugar? I know the consistency is totally different but thought I might give it a whirl. Thanks for giving us another wonderful gift on your birthday: Hope you had an amazing day. Thank you SO much for the perfect carrot cake recipe!!!!! I am not vegan nor gluten free but this recipe seriously blew all others out of the park!

Its perfectly dense and tastes really luxurious. And SO easy to make — the recipe is not intimidating at all! Thanks again for all the awesomeness! I made this yesterday and used unbleached white flour in place of the gluten free flours that the recipe called for along with. For the icing, I made the cream cheese version. It worked really well! I highly recommend using a mixer to beat the frosting. It took probably 4 mins or so for me to really get a good consistency after the sugar was added in.

Hi Dana, thank you for all your wonderful recipes and drool worthy pictures. Can i possibly make this only layer as I am not too big on frosting. Should I just halve all the ingredients?

Can we use carrot pulp from the juicer instead of grated carrot? Hope you had a fab birthday. I made this today with items I had on hand.

Used ground almonds and plain flour, and included both sultanas and walnuts. Topped it with a trail of icing made with icing sugar and lemon juice. It was very well received. Actually probably the best cake I have ever made. This was as hit! Doing that math was a bit tricky, but it worked! I think leaving it in the fridge once frosted made it a little denser which was actually tasty.

Hey Dana, could I use whole wheat flour instead of gluten free blend? Wishing you a beautiful celebration!

Toasts to an amazing year! I just made this and it turned out amazing — super delicious! I also made the buttercream frosting to go with it and it turned out perfectly! If so, which would you recommend? Yes both would work.

If you are not using the GF blend then add the full amount of almond milk! At first I toiled with the idea of subbing the gf flour for regular flour bc my mom is as southern as they come and lives off of white flour and butter. But I went ahead and copied the recipe as is, not telling my mom or kids it was vegan and gf. They all went for a second piece before I told them what was in it. She may not convert to the vegan life, but I def opened her eyes to healthy alternatives can still make a delicious cake!!!

Made this topped with the cashew buttercream and although I found the flavour and texture a little off it was still super yummy! I Used coconut sugar and had to make my own flour blend as I had run out of potato starch so will have to make again with the correct ingredients.

Delicious carrot cake recipe. It ended up being kind of a hybrid — it tasted like a cross between banana cake and carrot cake, which was also yum! The flavor was delicious! I used the regular Cashew Buttercream and was shocked at how satisfying and frosting-like it turned out. How much rise did you get?

Did you remember to add the baking powder or is your baking powder expired? Additionally, over-mixing can affect the amount your cake will rise. Hi Dana, belated happy birthday! Just wanted to let you know I made this and everyone who had it really enjoyed it!

You have a wonderful gift of developing recipes, thank you so much for sharing them! Super easy to follow and turned out like a charm. I made this the other day and it was absolutely delicious! Everyone in the family loved it! I followed the recipe exactly, except for adding some raisins and flaked coconut in addition to the walnuts.

With a husband who has to eat gluten- and dairy-free, and three of us who are vegan by choice, your recipes are an absolute godsend. Thank you, and keep the recipes coming! Hi, what is the difference between almond meal and almond flour? They are basically the same thing, almond flour is often much more finely ground than almond meal is and has a more uniform consistency. Also Almond meal can be blanched skins removed or unblanched, while most products labeled almond flour are blanched.

As for making it, all you do is blend almonds in your blender, or you can buy it! Combined it was unfortunately a flop of a birthday cake. I follow primarily for the dairy free aspect so I used half cake flour half All purpose flour and two eggs…this cake was delicious!

I Made it to test for my little ones smash cake for his October birthday and it will be perfect! Our whole family loved it! I just made this cake but it was too moist: I baked it for 50 min, waited about 20 min before taking them out from the pan and it fell out in pieces.

I used less than a cup of the apple sauce as well. I also noticed that the tops of the cakes had caved in and as soon as I touched it, it sunk in. In other news… it was SO freaking good!!! My mom and I ate it with spoons like a cobbler yum! Or maybe I should buy a different gf flour besides the almond? Can I make this using regular gluten flour? Update from my last post: It was a little less moist but unfortunately still broke when taking out of pans. From this experience I would have to advise not to use only almond flour in this recipe.

I made the cream cheese frosting and that as well as the cake was still super delicious. How many cupcakes will this recipe make? I just want to make a half a dozen. Also, what can the applesauce be subbed for? I followed your lead and made this for my birthday too! It was very moist and flavourful. My modifications include using real eggs, all coconut sugar and honey sweetened apple rhubarb butter instead of apple sauce.

I also put all the batter into one 9 inch pan which was a bit too much some overflowed but it turned out great. Frosted with your cashew buttercream icing. I was thinking of doing muffins next time! What could you use instead of applesauce!? Help a girl out! Hi Dana I am type 1 diabetic and would not want to add the sugar to this recipe.

Coconut sugar is still sugar and does have the same effect on blood glucose levels. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What foods do inmates eat in prison? Want to banish typos and clarify confusing sentences? Grammarly's writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Learn More at grammarly. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

As others posted, it depends on where you are designated. One thing is certain: Think lowest bidder won contracts. Over the years I spent in Federal Prison, I learned that food was always a focal point of inmates concerns and contention. I had close to a year in city and county jails before being designated to prison. City and county jails are terrible and barely sustainable. Usually breakfast was cereal and milk. There is typically a restriction with respect to sugar because it is the main ingredient for making wine.

I ate a lot of bologna and cheese sandwiches and beans, and little fresh fruit in jails. Federal prison in MS was horrendous. Prior to arriving I had heard that the food would be bad, but I had no idea how bad it could be until I arrived. I took a one week job in the kitchen and saw firsthand what the saying "garbage in, garbage out" really meant. Think about receiving the absolute worst cuts of meat, waste meat that looks so bad that it makes you nauseous to look at. Meat with veins and gristle is the norm.

Fruit is close to expiration and the point where they would not be sold in a grocery. In or things got so bad that it resulted in a peaceful riot and a two-week lockdown. The case was related to a warden who was understood to be diverting funds from food service to either his bonus or other places it was not supposed to go. This caused an immediate response by administration to lock down the prison. They put us in a two-week lockdown while our demands were negotiated.

While we had little bargaining power, the administration made sure it was tough on us. They went through each unit and shook down all lockers, removing all food that had been bought off the commissary so that we could not eat out of our lockers. We were fed bologna sandwiches at each meal and restricted to no movement outside of our unit. Medical would come to units; all visitation was cancelled.

After two weeks, the situation got the attention of DC and a negotiation was made to get UNICOR employees back to work and kitchen detail back in kitchen. The warden was replaced and we got a new warden, she was not much better, slightly better food for a moment at least. There are a few ways that you can get around the poor quality of food. You can buy all your food off the commissary. This is expensive and most inmates can't afford to do this.

The benefit is you can eat somewhat healthy. You can purchase fresh fruit, some limited veggies and more hearty food. If you have a religious excuse such as being Jewish, Muslim or other religion with dietary laws, you can qualify for common fare food. This is actually very healthy food and tastes good. It is ordered and comes frozen. Meals are heated and served along with fresh vegetables. It was interesting to see how prison populations grow with populations of Jewish inmates over the years.

I thought it was awfully ironical to see members of Aryan Brotherhood and Neo Nazis who would sit at a table with common fare meals in front of them. We would receive 3 meals a year which were actually decent. Christmas in Fed Prison meant a Cornish hen. As populations grew over the years that was reduced to half a hen. We got one steak a year on New Year's but it was not edible.

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