2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Healthy 4-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Healthy 4-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
I was looking for a quick recipe to make dog treats for Christmas gifts. Except I'm not actually sure if they like-it-like-it, considering that I have yet to meet a Mexican-food-loving Filipino. Nobody liked those as much. I have used your recipe before, and it is heavenly! Instructions In a small blender, blend together the cocoa powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup until it is creamy. Pumpkin became part of his diet after a GI upset. I know, strange question.


Peanut Butter Pie

I originally posted this recipe in , but am republishing it today with updated photos. Most the the text is from the original post. Last weekend, Meghan and Tim went on a Father-Daughter camping trip. It was an organized trip with a group through the Y with a goal of strengthening relationships between fathers and daughters.

The mom who introduced the group to us warned me that it would be candy-filled weekend. All the girls come to camp loaded with snacks and candy. You know I cringed thinking about sending Meghan with store-bought candy that is filled with preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and unhealthy oils.

I decided to make her some homemade treats that would lessen the toxic load, even if just a little. You can trust me when I say looking perfect is not what matters to Meghan when it comes to chocolate. She and Luke keep begging me to make more of these. This time I just used peanut butter and guess what? I love it with just pure peanut butter! Freeze each layer before you do the next layer.

I drop the chocolate into the paper cup, add the peanut butter, then add the chocolate. I also used a full-sized muffin tin for the updated pictures. You can use either a full-sized muffin tin or a mini-muffin tin.

I used mini-sized paper cups. I was playing with the ratios so there are some with more chocolate and less peanut butter, and those are shown in the bottom two pictures. Nobody liked those as much. Just so you know. Thank you for subscribing to the Happy Healthy Mama e-mail list! I look forward to connecting with you more! I made these today and used natural smooth peanut butter.. I hope that helps! I had a friend try these with olive oil and said that it worked, but they were not as solid.

I made these today, but I made some alterations: Both are natural sweeteners but sugar-free! I made these in tiny cupcake patties about 15 minutes ago and just took one out of the freezer. Holy schamoly are they amazing! What is the serving size and calories? I wanna make them! I use an ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer to set up.

After set I pop them out and put them in a container and keep in the freezer for a quick fix. These are so delicious and super easy to make! Now of ways to hide it from the husband and kids……. Tried this today and loved it! Absolutely smooth and yummy. I have used your recipe before, and it is heavenly! However, I am on a keto lifstyle change. The benefits of honey are destroyed in the microwave process. You can liquify your hardened honey by placing in a pot of hot water.

Hi, just tried the recipe and they turned out quite ok. The only thing is the oats are very hard, they r quite dry. Is there a way to make them softer? When mine crystallized I cut the top off with a serrated edged knife then scooped out the honey and placed in a large jar.

So much easier for measuring out the honey into measuring cups. Thank you for sharing this. It turned out really well for me. My husband was all smiles! Happy tummy, happy hubby. Made these a few days ago. Even my pickiest child loved them. I dipped the bars in melted vanilla almond bark to help them hold together a bit better. Thanks so much for the recipe. So thank you again for this simple recipe that will give me a little taste of home!!!

Love this recipe, just made again, tonight I added flax and poppy seed. Love the peanut butter and honey, reminds me of growing up and putting peanut butter on toast then adding honey on top and swirling.

Thank you for this, I pinned a couple months ago. I was reading the comments about honey getting hard. Put it in the dish washer when you do your dishes. I had a quart jar hard as a rock I did put it on the top shelf because the jar was plastic. My preggo cravings demanded I make these as soon as I saw them. Very fast and easy!

I made them last night using a large non-stick skillet and followed the ingredient list exactly. I found keeping the ingredients warm allowed for easier mixing. Ate them for breakfast this morning. Do you heat it up in low heat, how long, and do you constantly stir? Thanks in advance for the help! Looking forward to try these again! If you are having problems with it burning, I would say yes the heat was too high. Go ahead and try it on low and stir very frequently.

I did mine on a double boiler. It is much easier to melt chocolate or warm peanut butter that way. In a double boiler, it only took maybe 3 minutes. I made these today and they were wonderful! Except I made them into small balls. I added a bit of cinnamon and salt to it and they were awesome! I only consume natural peanut butter which is what I used to make them. Just made the 3 ingredient no bake peanut butter bars — so easy!

I made it with chunky p-nut butter and added Craisins and some flaxseed. I just made this, but put the honey p-nut butter mixture in the microwave for about 50 secs, 40 would of been just fine.

Hi Lisa, Have you made the recipe and this is what you found, or is this just a guess based on reading the recipe? I make these bars a lot and have never had any issue. If you are using a brand of peanut butter that is drier, you certainly could add a bit more to compensate for that…but the measurements are correct based on my experiences and also based on many others who have made the recipe as written with great results.

Using your recipe as a base, I think I have something great I can work with! It is VERY dense, so a little square is more than enough. I am looking forward to experimenting with some other add-ins! My four and 3 year olds loved it. These are awesome and I followed the recipe exact, but after awhile the creative side of me wanted to satisfy my chocolate or mocha craving with these bars.

I made the bars exact but cut recipe in third and used a little square corning ware dish with wax paper crossed over the dish then sprayed with a little cooking spray Made clean up and cutting easier for me. There is only one person that eats this and well I rather make it fresh in smaller portion. Now for the top: I make coffee cone drip in the morning.

Just re-use the coffee grounds again by having another cup handy. Add a little more coffee ground, then drip about tablespoons of water over the grounds and into handy cup.

Pour from handy cup over grounds into another handy cup again about times to make extra strong coffee; switching cups. Now melt chocolate chips about. Mixture should sheet off spoon not run for the hills Practice as it took me a few times. Pour over the top of setup oat and peanut butter mixture and spread smooth. Put some fine chopped peanut or any nut that makes you happy sprinkled over top.

And for the naughty side instead of coffee add Kaluah or brandy. This is a hearty foundation treat; but with a little imagination and a drive to satisfy a craving this can be changed up and made different. Does not work the first time try again and make adjustments. Let the imagination go wild.

Do follow recipe exact a few times and get the feel of how the mixture is suppose to be; then go from there with change ups. Actually I made a mistake thinking rosemary was mint…can we say we getting a little old.

I just had to come back here and thank you for this post! This are soo delicious and so easy to make! I used organic natural peanutbutter and got the crunchy kind to add a little crunch to it. I call them my healthier version of no-bake cookies which are my absolute fave! I will definitely be bringing these instead to Thanksgiving this year! I cut a few calories by using PB fit peanut butter powder. I also subbed honey for maple syrup, and threw in grain sweetened chocolate chips for a suprise!

The PB fit cuts the calories dramatically. Great variation is to pretoast the oats in the oven or in a skillet before you use them, really brings out the flavor. Used crunchy peanut butter, brown sugar and a bit of water to keep them from being too dry.

They taste like peanut butter fudge… awesome! I made these earlier today, and I have to say that they are great! I also added melted semi sweet chocolate on top before I put the pan in the fridge. I think next time I will use only 2. Also, I am going to try cutting the squares before I put the pan in the fridge, as I found it difficult to do once the mixture had already set.

Thanks for the easiest snack recipe ever: I halved the recipe too. Could be used with rice crispies too instead of oats. Thoughts on using crunching peanut butter? I used almond butter, oats, a little flax meal, local honey with its pollen and vanilla. Great to have on hand instead of sweets. If you are using the Aunt Jemima type syrup it will be a fairly equal substitute. These are very good…but add the oatmeal abit at a time…then stir….

Three cup of oats would have been too much for me…the bars would have been too dry. Food is a science and I guess it just depends what brands, types of ingredients are used. I used Costco organic creamy pb, trader joes honey, and trader joes rolled oats. I heated it up til it was really smooth, and decided to use just one c. It instantly became a pile of dry oat crumbles. What could have been my mistake? Trying these today and could NOT be more excited!

I bet adding some cocoa powder to these would be delish, too! I love the people that say I loved them…I just changed the recipe a bit, and the entire recipe was modified. This is a great recipe. These are so good.

Half are gone already. I will have to make some more soon. Yes, this recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie. A simple internet search would have revealed the source. But I am sure that there will be plenty of other people going back years and years decades even that would have had a similar version Its 3 ingredients or a variance on it and like all recipes there is always a variant from recipes handed down Put this in google and you will see a truck load of recipes with variants https: In fact this recipe was from before either.

Recipes evolve and get shared around all the time http: Oh, yes, you have made my day. Was wanting to make something that is quick and simple so I thank you; especially my hubby. He will love these. I made these tonight and they tasted great! I used crunchy peanut butter and also added on top a layer of hard-shell chocolate.

Thanks for the awesome recipe! I made these using all natural peanut butter and quick oats. I heated the PB and honey in the microwave. It looked curdled when I took it out. Had to use my hands,and it was still so stiff and unworkable,I added more honey,then melted coconut oil to add to it.

They were really terrible! Could it have been that the honey had been around a while and had previously been reheated because it had crystalized? I still think this needed something more…. Sorry about the grammar…. Ok, so this recipe is bogus. First of all, it says it makes 20 squares. You could only get rectangles, yet all the pictures are of square bars. I had to use equal parts oats and peanut butter to get a good consistency. I just bought so many extra oats for no reason.

Hi there… I posted this recipe, have made it so many times and the pictures you see are what I made in my own kitchen of these bars using this very recipe. Sorry you had trouble, but it sounds like you worked it out in the end. It automatically put 5 stars but this recipe is a 1 star. I made these and they turned out bad!!! Turns out 3 cups of oats to 1 cup of peanut butter was not a good ratio.

The mixture was dry! Must be a typo. These look amazing and I will definitely try them, do you have the calorie information on a serving size you suggest?

I made these for girl scouts a loonnnggg time ago. I was just wondering if you really need honey. Would it be possible to do it without it? I made it exactly as the instructions indicate, and they came out just fine! I was prepared to put in less oats, but 3 c. I did press the mixture into the pan, too. Like rice crispy treats, this keeps them moist and chewy.

I can taste the honey as well as the peanut butter…so good and easy! I love how the honey and peanut butter stand out while the oats give it texture! I added a little agave, coconut oil and flavored oats to these it was amazing thank you!!!

I just made the bars , my husband loves them. I used half smooth and half chunky organic peanut butter …very easy and quick bars with no preservatives …keep them frozen when you need them just get them out of the freezer. I used smooth and chunky organic peanut butter …so good.???? I absolutely LOVE these! They are so much better than store bought granola bars! I also tried toasting the oatmeal prior to making them.

That was awesome too! Tried this and loved it! I decided to double the recipe because I have 4 kids who all need lunch snacks. Melted the PB and honey and low and behold I only had 3 cups of quick oats.

I added 4 baggies of cinnamon and spice Quaker packets and it turned out great! They had a great flavor and texture. Nowadays, I now add a couple tablespoons of various seeds to up the nutrition. Just rolled up into a ball in the pot on the stove. I used maple syrup instead of honey, and it worked out just fine: Made these and was kind of disappointed. They did taste good though. The quick oats are cut smaller to cook faster and work in this recipe because they will pack more densely.

I added in 2 tablespoons of flax meal and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to mine, for extra health. Super simple and easy, and they remind me of those super chewy and dense Clif Bars, but much cheaper and fewer ingredients! I intend on eating these for breakfast, so I made 6 huge meal-sized bars. Perfect for a busy morning! What sort of life do you have? I added some raisins and cinnamon to add more sweetness!!

But it would be just as amazing without those ingrediants! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Description makes 20 squares. Spray lightly with non-stick spray. Melt the peanut butter and honey together until smooth, either in the microwave or stove top. Combine mixture with oats. Press into prepared pan. Place in refrigerator until set.

Notes I like to store mine in the refrigerator because they can get a bit soft. Honey , Oatmeal , Peanut Butter. My website has always been dedicated to the very best sweet treats with an occasional family friendly meal sprinkled in and my book is everything you have grown to love about my site and more. Easy, 3 ingredients, and perfect!

They get hard because they are using corn syrup as a filler. Does the honey taste get stronger, the older it is? I buy store bought, and my honey crystalizes. Put container in microwave and heat about 30 seconds, this should soften the honey. Would that not kill the natural enzymes and all the other goodness of raw honey? So simple and yet looks so yum! Such a great treat and only few ingredients! These bars are amazing!

I have these three ingredients in the pantry — they look fabulous! Easy and simple, indeed! I am all over this one! I laughed so hard when I saw your honey container…I can totally relate! I keep mine in a wide mouth mason jar. Umm these sound divine! I think I might need to make a tray at nap time!

It definitely could have made a difference. I have never made it with natural peanut butter! Lara, do you have the nutritional information on your modifications? This recipe is very tasty. I also used old fashioned oats.

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