My Recipe for Portacath Pillows

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This guide may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for personal use. All original author and copyright information must remain intact. Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author s. Thank you so much for the idea and inspiration.

Hope all is well with you. I am far behind with replying to comments and apologize for my delay. The patients who receive your pillows will appreciate your act of kindness and the comfort it provides.

Thank you for leaving your comments! My seat belt is incredibly tight against my neck and my chest, so I may make a very long version of this as I have to drive 80 miles one way for chemo, and later for radiation. Thank you so much for sharing the idea!

I hope that works for you, Barbara. Wow — such a long drive there and back! I feel so lucky to have received most of my treatment nearby. I hope you are doing well. I am making him one…thanks for the directions.

Thank you for letting me know that you found the pattern and your plans to use it. Just saw your info with the portacath pillow and going to start making these to donate to the Red Deer Hospital, Alberta. I am excited to do this as I had not heard about this pillow before and I am glad this will help someone even in a small way.

Donna, thank you for your comment and for spreading a little bit of comfort to others! I am doing well! You know, I had never heard of this kind of pillow , and I think is a great and wonderful idea. In fact, I commented about this fantastic idea to a friend who has won the battle against cancer and she said, it is fabolous.

Thank you very much, blessings and a big hug. Plis I m sorry, but mi bad english. So, the important is that I knew your story and understand the recipe!!!! And… of course we are praying for you and doctors, nurses, voluntiers and patients… Kisses… Rossana. I teach English to immigrants to the U. I am glad you and your friend like the pillows. The pillows you make will bless the patients who receive them.

My friend and her church group makes Love Pillows and delivers them to a few hospitals in Central Florida for Cancer Patients. I have received 3 of their pillows for a friend and family. I give her money to buy more fabric so her group can make more Love Pillows. Their love pillows are heart pillows and in sizes of inches and helps relieve an uncomfortable chair or position.

I will pass on your idea for them to consider to make too. I hope your battle is over and you have continued good health.

And my brother in law is fast approaching his end we fear. We have lost several family and friends to this awful disease. Pray for a cure soon. I am so sorry for your losses, Savona. I was blessed to benefit from treatment that would not have been available a few years ago. My doctor said we may not have a permanent cure for me, but who knows what advances will be available in another 5 years. We must support research and learn and put into practice all that we can about prevention.

We are adding these pillows to our project list for community supporters. We provide a home away for families with seriously ill children. The pillow is great for seat belts and car seat straps. Thank yo for your post! I also received a port pillow from Texas Oncology in San Antonio. And not to seem like an ingrate, I found the fabric that was used on the one I was given was an irritant to my skin.

I ended up purchasing a pair of faux sheepskin ones and giving the other to a friend who is undergoing chemo. I will be sure to return the one I was given because maybe it will work for the next person. I am grateful for all that volunteers do for us all. Thank you for the reminder about fabric choice. I use fabric that is not rough, is washable, and is free of pet dander and smoke.

Recently I brought home some fiber fill that my mom had and it has a very strong although pleasant scent. Probably from being stored in a closet with scented candles. All my best to you.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was blessed not to have to have chemo but have just finished my 6th radiation treatment with 15 to go.

I have made these to donate to Texas Oncology of Mesquite as a way to help someone going thru chemo. Yes I finished 21 radiation treatments this past Tuesday. Will be see my oncologist in a couple of weeks to start the hormone blocking medication. Thank you so much for the portacath pillow pattern. Hope you continue to do well. Much gratitude for this post on Port a cath pillows, I am Not a cancer patient but am on my 3rd port, you see I am a gutless literally girl and my port is my life line for acute dehydration, I am a very small person and have a lot of issues with port pain….

This pillow will be a life saver!!!!! Thanks so very much….. Do you think the pillow could be machine stitched? I am wanting to get a group together to make at least and thought machine stitching would help us reach that goal.

I machine stitch mine! I just fold each side inward the best I can. I have been making these for our local cancer centers too. Thank you so much for posting this. These little pillows make up so fast. I am making them also for our cancer center.

So far I have made and donated They are given away faster than I can make them. Working on another 12 today. These little pillows may also work for pacemaker patients.

My husband was given a ready made pillow by the surgery center. Seems like the softer fiberfill ones would be more comfortable. Best wishes for your continued recovery. Hello, I am glad to hear that you are healthy and happy after such an ordeal. My mother recently passed away at 93 years of age, but for the last 10 years of her life she suffered from Myelodysplasia.

A troublesome disease which required her to have at least 2 Blood transfusions a month. These were bad at the start because her veins were not in good shape. So she finally had to have a pickline and then went on to have a port. She sure could have used one of these pillows. I on the other hand am short and healthy but in my husbands truck the seat belt rubs my neck something terrible.

I think this little pillow will help me immensely. Thank you so much for the instructions. I do appreciate them. I am 9 yrs cancer free. Although I was fortunate enough to only have to take one radiation pill.

I have been looking for something simple to sew where i can make a lot of them. I have so much fabric and rolls of velcro I can use. Kathy I hope you are still answering these msgs. How amazing God is when He works good things through us, His hands. You are truly a blessing. God be with you. Thank you so much for this tutorial and for your loving heart! I am new to sewing and this would be a wonderful project to practice as well as to give back.

Some steps confused me a little and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to post a video tutorial. I will be making some of these i will be starting treatment tomorrow November 22nd. Again Thank you so much!! You are an inspiration and I am going to make some too.

God Bless and I will say a prayer for everyone going through these challenges of life. I am also going to make these for seatbelts. I also had cancer and a port. I also had to wear a pump home for three days after the office infusion. I found a small handmade should bag that really worked holding the pump. I didnt have pockets.

It was only about 7 inches long and 5 inches across. The shoulder strap was long enough for me. Maybe i would use velcro to make it adjustable. I also wore it under a top to kinda hide it out in public. A lot of others were interested in it. I need to get off my butt this winter and make a bunch. Thank you for for your ideas!! Ive been clear on my last tests.!! It was stage 3 colon cancer No early warnings, i just kept putting off my test.

At 50 yrs old would have been a polyp. At 55 waould have been stage 2. Please do the test!! So easy, really, you feel nothing afterward. I recently gave away all of my material, but I could start collecting again. My sister is wanting to start learning to sew.

What a great way to start. It was wonderful to receive these items. I would love to give back. Praying all is well. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Love and hugs, from Christy in Florida. Enlarge the picture of the finished pillow by clicking on it and the details are much better! I am four years cancer free! I have a lot of scrap materials and will be making some for the cancer center I attended.

Even though my port has been out for two years, that area is still tender and constantly moving my seat belt around. Will experiment on myself first and then make more! Thank you for sharing your pattern. I also celebrate my cancer free birthdays! Hi Kathy-I hope you are well. Thank you for your post.

I love to do charity sewing and this is perfect. Is it necessary to have Velcro or could you use ribbon to tie the pillow to the seatbelt? Just an idea, what do you think? I found your blog while searching Google to find out what these pillows look like.

Thank you for posting the pictures, the dimensions, and the instructions for making them. I wanted to do some charity work for Lent! Jan on March 13th at 8: I just found out I have cancer. I read your story and was touched deeply. I hope to be as strong as you going through this. Hope to stay in touch with other survivors. Kathy are out ok? What a wonderful idea this is. Sorry I am very very late in replying …. And thanks for joining in! Hi, I just found this post thru Pinterest. I had no idea of how useful this could be to person going thru chemo.

Thank you for sharing it and I hope you are doing well. I have been very neglectful about replying to comments and I apologize. I am doing well, thank you! My mom and sister were both diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months apart. I am sitting here in the surgical waiting room waiting for my mom to have her second port-a-cath placed. Such a great idea! The perfect idea, just when I needed it! Sorry I am so late in replying! Too much at one time! My daughter is a breast cancer survivor and I wish I had known about these when she had her port.

I am thinking that two pillows might be better than just one. By placing one above and one below the port site, it might be more comfortable. I asked my daughter and she totally agreed. But the one thing we could never figure out was how for her to wear a seatbelt after her reconstruction. It was a concern but just not possible. Actually her doctor gave her a written statement that she should not wear one.

Consequently, she did not travel at all during that time. Bless you for taking the time to provide these little treasures to those who can use them. I live in a very small town quite a distance from any kind of treatment centers, but maybe they would accept something by mail. This is something I will look into.

My mother was a Hoskins! Whatever works to make someone more comfortable is good with me! Sorry for my very late reply! My 45 yr old son-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer. Currently undergoing chemo and he to complained of the strap cutting across his neck with the home chemo pack. Going to try making some but adjust the size. He also complained of his hands being cold sensitive so made him some micro wave bowl cozies but adijusted the size for using to hold anything cold.

My prayers go out to each and everyone. I have been very neglectful in responding to comments lately. I hope your son-in-law is doing well.

I underwent my first chemo treatment a little over a week ago. I have to say the seat belt is very annoying on my port.

Thank you so much for sharing. I think I will make up several with my mom. She is constantly trying to find ways of helping me. We are also making soft knit, yet stylish, hats for me to wear. Hi Kathy Hope all is well with you, and prayers for continued good health!

Thanks for posting this pattern! What a great idea and a great act of charity,. I think these little pillows are needed everywhere there is a cancer treatment facility!!!

I volunteer at one of those places and today I found out that our supply that a Girl Scout troop had made, was running very low. A few minutes later I assisted a patient who had a lovely quilt. She said that her sister made the quilt. The light went on and I asked her sister if she could make us some of these pillows. She got really excited about doing it, so I left a copy of your pattern with her!!!

Thank you so much for posting the pattern!!! Quilters are my best source of fabric! It takes so little fabric to make one of these pillows and my quilting friends often have scraps that I can use. Thank you for this great idea. My husband passed from colon cancer this year. The LORD willing, I will get some of these made up to share with the patients at the cancer center where my husband visited. Thanks again for giving me a way to bless those who are going through it now. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Cheryl.

Any pillows you make will be a blessing to those who receive them. You know what little things mean. Thank you so much for these directions! Never had heard of them before which is surprising since we have had many family members with ports. I will be whipping up some to donate and it is a perfect craft to do with my kids! Keeping you in my prayers Kathy. I sew and from what ive seen I will be able to make several of these cushions—I may add some lavender into the stuffing.

I will be taking then to our local hospital so hopefully they will be able to help other patients. Thank you again to the lady whose friends asked her to make these cushions , you have helped so many and in deed me.

I have lots of scraps of material and would be glad to make some of these pillows, do you know the address of where I could send them? Hope your doing well. Prayers for you, Karen Roberts. I go in for my third six month appointment today.

Kudos to every one who is working on survivorship! Also, a shout out for the caregivers. I hope everyone has one as great as my husband has been. Using up scraps and the stuffing left over from other projects. I always wonder how much stuffing so I checked this posting. One more thing I do with the Velcro is make the rough side at least an inch shorter. I make the soft side shorter too. When making batches of 30 every inch adds up.

I buy my hooks and loops off the roll. I made one for myself out of a minky scrap to use to protect my neck from the seatbelt when riding in the back seat. Thanks for sharing your pattern for the port pillow. I have started making them for our local hospital cancer center. I have a friend who has a pacemaker who also had problems with the seat belt being uncomfortable so I made one for him!

Best wishes for continued good health. I think the pillow is a Wonderful idea, I am a Breast Cancer Cerviver 5years , when I had a port for the chemo my partner he put a piece of sheepskin on my seat belt which did help , I have joined some lovely ladies who call themselves the Knitted Knockers , we knit cotton implants for ladies who have had Mastectomies, they are free to everyone who would like them , lovely to see the kindness of one another in times of ill health.

Wonderful idea and so easy to make. I hate hand sewing so just tucked ends in and top- stitched. Most important, of course, are people with a port. However, they are great for most anyone who finds the seat belt uncomfortable. I will be making lots of them! Dear angel on earth. I lost my husband after his second cell transplant and I thank you for the wonderful idea for helping a potion of the community that is many times overlooked.

Many people would like to help others but so many times the ideas that are presented are for money making. Thank you for generously offering the instructions and clearly showing how it is done. God bless you aann may the next year find your health and life in wonderful condition. I am a stage 3 colon cancer survivor. I wish I had one of these pillows when I had my port. I stumbled upon this while searching for something to make for my Relay for Life event.

I think this will be something that folks will appreciate. Thank you for taking the time to post this. What a wonderful act of kindness you are doing for so many people. My sister has had cancer and is presently in remission, however she is still having chemo and has a port. This will add to make her a little more comfortable. I am glad I found this. What a great idea. I also have a friend that has cancer that has to go for treatment.

I hope you are doing well and thank you. Hi, I just saw your post. Hopefully you are in best of health, I pray. Thank you so much for this Portacath pillow idea, It must be very therapeutic to make them, I will certainly make some and donate it to cancers centers around my city. Just praying that I am able to do it.

Thank you once again. Less of a problem with knitting than crochet, I would think. You can give it a try. I would suggest synthetic yarn rather than wool so that it could be washed if needed. What a wonderful idea. I am basically housebound so I busy myself with craft work. I lost my mum to metastases breast cancer in These would be great to make in her name for people battling this darn desease. I am delighted to hear you are still cancer free.

I would like to note I do believe in God. With your post, God gave me a wink. Let me explain before you think I am crazy. I always get notifications from Pinterest. My mother was free of breast cancer for almost a year. After she had a bunch of test, she was notified the week be for Christmas that she had metastatic stage 4 breast cancer. Her breast cancer was back and spread into her lung and lymph nodes.

I was hoping to share something with others to show they are also loved. Hats took me too long and I simply could not think of anything. So I had no ideas. God winked and made me click on my Pinterest notification and led me to you and your idea. I opened my Pinterest Notification. I may make one change depending on how it feels. I will probably be lazy and use a top-stitching seam around the pillow to close up the end after stuffing.

LOL My hand sewing leaves a lot to be desired. Oooh maybe I can use a strip of fusible stuff. Miss Kathy, I apologize for going on and on. God Bless You and may you continue to be cancer free.

I will be making this for our office. Just love the idea, thanks Donna. What a great idea to give back to those who needs it. Always good to give back I hope all your Families are progressing well with their treatments! God Bless you all! Found this info and will immediately make her several of these pillows and add a fabric cross inside them.

It would be nice to have one for each car she rides in but the velcro allows her to take it with her to use any time she rides in a different car. Someone mentioned placing a fabric cross inside and I plan to take the ones I make to be prayed over and blessed by the pastor and congregation, much like a prayer cloth would be. There are healing powers in those prayers! Hi Kathy, Iike many others here I, too, am a cancer survivors of two going on 7 years now and I feel so blessed.

I am sewer and wanted to do something nice for all that I was given and these lil pillows are perfect. I will begin tomorrow and hope to make enough by the following Monday to take some in. May God Richly Bless you and your family. Thank You and have a blessed week ahead. Kathy God Bless you and many more years of good health. Is it possible to send me the address for this hospital in Texas. I would like to make some an donate them to this hospital.

Is there anything else I can make that would help out some of the Patients? I have lots of fabric to use up. I have known too many friends with cancer and hope to make these to give to the local hospital. Sending lots of love your way , Lesley xx. This would e a great project for high school children to do. It would help the patients and the students. Most school systems require a student to give back to the community with projects of ideas in such as one like this.

I really need an address of this hospital in Texas, so I may talk with my school district.

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