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If not, how should I modify the rule? Oops, sorry, one last question. My own experience of IS support has been terrific, but I heard of someone the other day who had inadvertently been trying the wrong contact for their geographical territory I think they were i Australasia and trying the UK number, so were only ever calling when the office would be shut overnight. I am using cloudflare so I am not sure where this sitempa url is coming from? Books were high quality and Thomson was a pleasure to work with.


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Seen at the afternoon preview performance on 12th April This show pulls no punches — literally. Oddly, however, for various reasons it fails to capitalise on such gritty stuff. Perhaps not wishing to alienate those expecting simply a string of classic hits and a good drunken bop, the whole lands rather uncomfortably nowhere for much of the time.

The first half, particularly the early years, drag, with the odd song thrown in as a promise of things to come. It takes until the far looser second half for things to really move up a gear. The effect is to torpedo frustratingly rounding off the story some had been working with for the past two and a half hours.

The sound design Nevin Steinberg is exceptional, the mixer desk operators outstanding. The performances are mostly better than good too. Jenny Fitzpatrick as Tina can belt as required, and comes into her own as a mature lady. Quick mention while on the subject for Arianna Duffus as Young Alline Bullock, and particularly Caelan Edie as abused Young Craig — acting beyond his years in a difficult scene for even a mature performer.

The entire ensemble the monkey got a real close-up at one stage sing and dance a storm against the projections and lights, adding a lot to the atmosphere. Worth a look for those seeking less heavy but still engaging West End fare. Add your own by clicking here. Buy your tickets with confidence here: Information on this site may not be reproduced in any form, by any distribution media, in whole or in part, without permission.

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