Who Has the Best Healthy (Low Calorie) Frozen Pizza in 2017?

How Is Nutrisystem Food Not Frozen?

Nutrisystem Select Frozen Foods Reviews
These are foods like the french toast, the melts, the paninis, the glazed turkey, and the ice cream sundae, to name only a few. What Timeā€¦ August 2, Always surprised how crispy the bread after microwaving. Loved this, the perfect size. But some of the low calorie single-serving items reviewed below are actually pretty good, and they won't derail your weight loss efforts or send your sodium levels through the roof.

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I rated it a 4 because of the soggyish crust. Well they definitely don't look anything like the pizza on the front of the box lol! But I thought they weren't too bad. I'm doing the Nutrisystem boxes and find they leave me hungry as I'm just starting and trying to give my body a chance to adjust to the small amounts of food.

I like a salty snack, so this is perfect as a meal, snack, etc I'm a pizzaholic and this isn't close to what I would normally eat but the fact that I get "pizza" at all on a diet is good enough for me! I love this pizza! I cook it in my toaster oven and i doctor it up a bit with veggies. Jalepenos a must with tomatoes,peppers. Comes out crunchy and very satisfying. Dory, February 3, Great treat on a diet! Loved this, the perfect size.

No, its not the same size as a pizza you get from Dominos. But if you are interested in Nutrisystem, then you, like me, may have problems sticking with 'just one slice' as another reviewer recommended. This is a perfectly portioned lunch meal, great with a side of green beans and a diet jello; or a small side salad.

What a filling treat! I wish more companies would release shelf stable meals, they are so convenient! RLucas, November 25, Just eat a real slice of pizza. Purchased a few Nutrisystem products including this one just to see if I'd like the products before committing to the whole system , was not a fan of this "pizza" tasted super bland, fake and like eating a lunchable lol..

And those are the foods on the slightly more expensive select line. These are foods like the french toast, the melts, the paninis, the glazed turkey, and the ice cream sundae, to name only a few. However, the basic and core plans do not include frozen foods. How is this possible? The same is true of the nutrisystem foods. I think the boxes are supposed to make the food easier to stack and store.

But you can store them in your pantry without having to worry about keeping them cool. Now, if you were to heat up the food and have some leftovers, then at that point, the leftovers or remaining portion would need to be refrigerated just like any other type of leftovers.

But to answer the question posed, the nutrisystem food is soft canned, which keeps it from spoiling. You only need to freeze the meals from the select line or you need to refrigerate foods from the basic or core line if you heat them up and then want to save the leftovers.

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