Windows-Patchday: Microsoft schließt 62 Schwachstellen

Counting Macros: What They Are and How to Track Them?
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Nachdem die Open-Source-Community gegen restriktive Lizenzbestimmungen protestieren, die unter anderem ein Benchmark-Verbot beinhalteten, hat Intel nun nachgegeben. Das Plug-in überwacht browserseitig die sichere Ausführung von Webprotokollen. Sie gehört zu einer zielgerichteten Spionagekampagne. Die Verteilung erfolgt über eine legitim erscheinende Porno-App.

Derzeit nehmen die Hintermänner überwiegend Ziele in Israel ins Visier. Die Kampagne ist Bitdefender zufolge weiterhin aktiv. Betroffen sind die Versionen CC und Ein Angreifer kann auch ohne Wissen des Nutzers Schadcode einschleusen und ausführen. Angriffe auf die Lücken hält Adobe für unwahrscheinlich.

Die Hintermänner sammeln in nur zwei Wochen mehr als Ein Opfer soll bis zu Microsoft übernimmt per Gerichtsbeschluss die Kontrolle über die Domains.

Neue Regeln sollen Entwicklern und Anbietern helfen, einer fälschlichen Erkennung ihrer Software vorzubeugen. Microsoft empfiehlt unter anderem die Signierung von Installationsdateien.

Der auffälligste Trend in den Statistiken des ersten Quartals Angeblich erbeutet er 90 GByte Daten. Apple dementiert eine Kompromittierung von Kundendaten. Seine Taten bescheren dem Jugendlichen angeblich einen gewissen Bekanntheitsgrad in der internationalen Hacker-Community. Ces écrans publicitaires sont une source de revenus nécessaire à notre indépendance.

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Puede registrarse a través de este enlace. Gracias por su comprensión. Sie nutzen einen Adblocker, der die Anzeige von Werbung verhindert. Dadurch entgehen unserem Herausgeber täglich Einnahmen, die für die Existenz einer unabhängigen Redaktion nötig sind. Para fazer isso, por favor, assine aqui. With extensive experience in change management, organisational design and personal coaching to C-suite executives, Marita is excited by the potential to scale leadership development across organisations.

Bringing Potentialife to the South America region, Luis is an experienced consultant and private equity partner. With a passion for entrepreneurship, leadership development and sustainability, Luis is excited to bring the power of behavioural science to the leadership development sphere.

Leading strategy and client relations for Israel is Arik. Tal Ben-Shahar to design and deliver positive psychology programs for individuals across Israel. With Potentialife, he is excited to scale operations and deliver impact to organizations. After finding her passion ten years ago in applied value science, Maria loved how it explained thought patterns, affecting how we communicate, co-operate and make decisions.

With experience in coaching, HR consultancy and professional development, Maria is passionate about the latest research in positive psychology.

Petersburg, Alexandra is excited to bring the science of happiness to Russia. A former linguist, she studied management and has earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology from our very own Tal Ben-Shahar. She is particularly passionate about developing positive, energized and authentic leaders. An avid coder, Pierre-Henri leads web development in the Tech team. Outside of work, he can be found surfing in Lisbon, or travelling on the Eurostar to Paris! With a passion for psychology, behavioral science and human flourishing, she is excited to be a part of Potentialife's mission to scale the science of flourishing to benefit humanity!

With a passion for learning, Eleanor is excited to be part of the Delivery Team. She enjoys the challenge of using her analytical skills to help and support clients and participants through the Potentialife program. On the weekends, she likes to re-charge her batteries with a healthy hike. Hailing from Scotland, Sophie is a whizz at both managing the Potentialife finances and program delivery. You can usually catch her crunching numbers, planning fun team events, at a Kick-off or on the slopes!

Henrik was a Norwegian national gold medallist in and meter dash before pursuing his career in technology! Having studied in the fields of Psychology and Communications, Ellen has a passion for people.

Explore the organizations and meet the people who have experienced the Potentialife program. Our case studies span a range of industries, sizes and strategic needs - but are united by a focus on practical behavioural change - at a personal, team and organizational level. We ignite change by applying the principles of behavioral science in a managed process over several months: Multi-level leadership from boardroom to front line is an increasingly important driver of organizational performance.

Potentialife leverages a proprietary blend of online technology, process nudges and in-person support to make it possible to reach people throughout your organization, regardless of your geographic dispersion. Every organization has their own beliefs and values that define the leadership behaviors that will lead to success.

We partner with you to craft a change narrative that establishes the link between your personal development journey and the business strategy, and we then design tailored programs accordingly.

We track behavioral KPIs and align with business metrics over the course of the intervention and beyond. Drawing on Positive Psychology, the five categories that explain most of the variance in peak performance behaviors, make up the components of SHARP: Strengths, Health, Absorption, Relationships, and Purpose. We draw on behavioral and neuroscience to integrate the principles of successful change into our LifeTuning process.

The program is designed to make deep-reaching and lasting behavioural change possible across your organization. If you have any general enquires or would like to find out more, please submit your email and message below. If you are interested in bringing Potentialife to your organisation, take some time to learn about our previous clients in the case studies section of our website. Imagine your organization full of leaders.

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About At Potentialife, we help organizations deliver on their leadership strategies by driving the development of day-to-day peak performance behaviors — throughout your organization. The Essence of Potentialife In the context of your own leadership agenda, participants practice small weekly changes to their behavior sets that allow them progressively transform the five areas of Positive Psychology that distinguish the most successful and flourishing leaders: Who we are Potentialife was founded in by Dr.

The Team Angus Ridgway. Meet the Rest of the Team. Cyrille Kozyreff, India Leads our office in India. Miranda Shu, China A native of Shanghai, Miranda has extensive experience serving clients across Asia in management and HR consultancy and is excited about bringing the science of flourishing to her region.

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