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Big community funding update! The five levels of the vertical axis represent the relative value of a given name, ranked from a low of 0 value to a max of 5. The revolutionary bit is that it's supposed to do it seamlessly. Looking at the page source, it looks like shit. LJ Longtail SEO is a tool that detects search engine visits and uses this information to display a list of links based on second page search results. Delivery Clone Script 1. A few test searches and I can see that it has some serious potential.



These are names that map to the experience of using a product or service, or to what a company does, or to an aspect of human experience. This category also includes all the generic adjective-based names, such as Advanced, Superior, Vantage, Smart, Super, Ultra, Mega, etc. Experiential names are usually literal, and are the types of names often created by cross-referencing a vision statement with a thesaurus. These are names that map metaphorically , rather than literally, to the brand positioning.

Evocative names rise above the goods and services being offered, and paint a bigger picture. The best of them tap into a deep reservoir of shared cultural knowledge, myth, story, imagery, association, legend and art, and usually work on multiple levels.

Nearly all the greatest brands that you are familiar with have evocative names. During the competitive analysis phase of a naming project, we plot the company, product or service names of a given market sector on a competitive namescape grid like this one, which becomes a useful reference document of the competitive name reality facing your brand. This helps everyone on your naming team understand what types of names are overused in your market sector and what territory is ripe for exploration if you want to differentiate your brand from the competition.

We encourage you to print out this Namescape grid and play around with how the names are classified. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Namescape: Yelp Search Results 6. Apache Solr Service 6. Turbo10 Search Results Integrator YD Search Functions 0.

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