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I really feel you should have accessed the entire program to understand it and therefore be able to give a full and valid review. First, it helps people recognize what actual portions are. It has four different flavors. Over the years, there have been several studies on Konjac and weight loss. Landing page quality is a factor in determining Page Score. The meal plan includes a tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dinner every day. The table below does not include all companies or all available products in the market but those that we promote as their affiliates.

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This in turn, could lead to weight loss in some people — especially in those who are eating fewer calories than usual. The ingredients are listed in order as they occur in the ingredients list above to give you an idea of whcih is present the most and least. Lets briefly touch on some of these ingredients.

According to this list fructose , which is listed first, makes up the most of the sweeteners in the shake. Fructose is controversial in some circles so, let's discuss it briefly and calmly. While the amount of fructose in foods is very low and not to be of concern, higher levels of fructose, can raise triglyceride levels. This is a risk factor for heart disease.

High levels of fructose also appear to increase the risk of insulin resistance. While fructose does not raise insulin levels that's good , it also doesn't appear to raise leptin level s either that might not be so good. Leptin is a hormone made in fat cells that is a signal for us to stop eating. If leptin release does not occur, we might to eat more food — and calories.

This same study linked to above noted fructose also stimulated ghrelin production too. Ghrelin is a hormone that tells us to eat. The important thing to remember that we would need studies to know if the NutriSystem shake did any of this.

So how much fructose is too much? Well, according to this paper titled Fructose: To say fructose and high fructose corn syrup is controversial is an understatement and that's why I wanted to calmly present some of the evidence here. This is not all of the research on fructose and that's why I feel it's best discussed with someone who knows about what you might be eating to make a more personalized assessment.

Registered dietitians RDs are very good at this and you can find one in your area by going to their website — EatRight. Is the fructose in the Nutrisystem shake too much? Is the effect of fructose blunted because of the fiber that is also in the shake? I don't know the answers to these questions.

While I think most people on NutriSystem might probably be consuming less fructose than the average person, I would not be surprised if fructose is eventually removed from the ingredients.

For more on fructose, see this video from NutritionFacts. I am not sure why. This sweetener is also known as lo han or lo han guo. It has zero calories and is over times sweater than sugar. For a run down of various natural and artificial sweeteners, see this article from Nutrition Action. I used chocolate flavor for my taste test, although Nutrisystem also has coffee and vanilla flavors. When you tear open the packet, I could smell the chocolate when I brought it close to my nose. I did as directed — except I mixed the contents for 10 seconds using my Vitamix.

My opinion is that I liked the taste. The shake was not thick or watery. It was not gritty either. It had a light chocolate taste that I thought was pretty tasty.

When I drank all of the shake, there was no significant product left at the bottom of the glass either. The picture to the right shows what it looked like when I made it. I also used the glass that was included when I purchased the shakes. I think it did for about minutes or so. I believe the effect was greater when I mixed it with 10 oz of water. It still tasted good when I mixed it with 10 oz of cold water. I believe the appetite reducing effects of the shake are the result of the volume of liquid used, along with the fibers and protein mentioned above.

Do you have to mix it with water? One could mix it with milk, almond milk, flax-seeds, etc. While this can adjust the taste, just remember that this will also increase the calories of the Nutrisystem shake.

The same shake can be used by both men and women. While there may be differences in how men and women metabolize supplements, I am not aware of any evidence that the shake works differently in men. I expect it to work the same in both genders.

While I'm not aware of any studies comparing weight loss in those who only used the NutrisiSystem shakes verses those using the shakes in addition to the whole Nutrisystem program, my guess is that in those who ate fewer calories, drinking the shakes alone could lead to some weight loss.

Keep in mind that this is the same logic with any weight loss shake too. The shakes help by substituting a lower calorie meal for a higher calorie meal we might normally eat. Yes, the ingredients list above mentions soy protein isolate. This makes up some of the protein in the shake. There is no caffeine in the Nutrisystem shake. That's good especially those who are sensitive to caffeine. There are many ingredients in the NutriSystem shake but as far as I can tell, 3 ingredients appear to have the most evidence to help weight loss.

I present these for those who are on a budget and want to do a little bit of experimenting to try to make their own homemade weight loss shake. Another option is to try using a ready made fiber supplement like Metamucil. See my Metamucil review for more on that. I believe the Nutrisystem shake is safe especially if it's used in addition to eating real food. In other words, I feel it's safe as long as people don't just use the shakes to replace all the food they eat.

Overall, I don't see the shakes causing problems in the vast majority of people use use them. That said, it's wise to consult ones primary care doctor first in cases of:.

Nutrisystem also warns not to use the shakes in conjunction with a very low calorie diet whcih they define as calories per day unless supervised by your doctor. This is likely because this low amount of calories likely stops people from getting enough nutrients and is not safe for most people.

In those who try to make their own homemade weight loss shake, I prefer konjac powder over the capsules. Konjac fiber swells in size when it comes in contact with liquid.

This could increase the risk of choking. I also think people with type II diabetes should speak to their doctor, registered dietitian or pharmacist. This is because of the of the fructose in the shake. Does it raise triglyceride levels? Our team of experts studied various weight loss diet plan and so far found Nutrisystem quite useful. Nutrisystem customer reviews are quite favorable as compared to any other weight loss diet plan. Yes, the only drawback of Nutrisystem is it will discourage you from eating outside, and advice to avoid alcohol.

NOTE — The plan is not for people who have chronic kidney ailment or anyone with specific dietary requirements or allergic. It is also not for pregnant women. Even, children below 14 years of age are not recommended to be part of this diet plan. However, there is Nutrisystem diet plan for teens aged between 14 and 17 years of age. It is a weight loss plan providing calories and portion controlled pre-packaged foods and other food suggestions.

It claims to be backed by forty years of client approved weight control results. The diet plan also claims to deliver up to 5 pounds of weight loss within the first week. The company gives their own portion sizes and meals.

They suggest to add other healthy food from your kitchen or grocery store, but most of the meal plan include Nutrisystem pre-packaged food items. Here is a detailed overview of ingredients mentioned above and for what purpose they are used. Xanthan Gum — It acts as a binder and thickener that helps to provide a better consistency to the food.

It is known to gel the different ingredients together to prepare any particular meal. Carrageenan — Thickener extracted from seaweeds that are added to thicken and bind ingredients. This additive can be found in many types of foods and is a simple method for components to bind together. Additionally, it helps oils and fluids to bind, so there is an improved consistency. Niacinamide — Vitamin B found naturally in many foods such as grains, eggs, milk, and a much more. It is perfect for treating cholesterol, also helping overall digestion.

Also, it can protect against any toxins and harmful pollutants. Beta Carotene — A natural pigment found in many types of fruits and plants. This is a kind of vitamin A which gives foods a distinctive, bold orange shade.

Vitamin A is essential for overall well-being, and it might offer antioxidant benefits, enhance skin health, decrease inflammation, and help keep vision healthy. There are only few vegetable based foods that have omega three fatty acids.

This is sometimes used to assist digestion, and additionally, it comprises a generous supply of fiber and protein. Also found traces of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1, magnesium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin b6, and more. Nutrisystem is a complete days diet program that delivers pre-packaged food.

Breakfast — The options include Pancakes, Granola, muffins, oatmeal and many other options are available. The program also includes a comprehensive list of nuts, fruits, vegetables, dairy and other products that you can eat along with their pre-packaged food. Desserts — Even they have delicious desserts sin menus like cake, brownie, and cookies. When it comes to reading authoritative Nutrisystem food reviews through various channels and industry experts — it is devised that Nutrisystem diet program is quite useful in every perspective.