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Stopped at Wallace on way down, coasted 10 miles! When I returned home I called CONTACT and got hold of a very nice customer representative who took my order and said I could either fax my perscription or she would call my doctor and my contacts would be in the mail and delivered to my house in 1 week or less. I ordered two DVDs on the same day. Falls Service Center Nucleus Ave. The largest Supercenter in the United States, covering , square feet 24, square meters on two floors, is located in Crossgates Commons in Albany, New York.

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Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Our new approach ended up being a great way to ride the trail. Our new plan was to stay in Harrison mile Harrison has a beautiful view of Lake Couer d'Alene. We rode from Harrison mile We drove to Kellogg, checked into our hotel and explored Kellogg. Kellogg lodging options include the Silver Mountain resort and also the Guest Inn other options are also available, check those out, too!

Kellogg has a ski resort and access to the world's longest gondola is literally at the front door of either of these lodging facilities listed. The gondola runs in the summer so one can ride to the top for the view or take a mountain bike up and ride down. The Couer d'Alene trail runs past these facilities. We road from Kellogg mile On our return bike ride, we stopped in Wallace mile We also took the town trolley tour and silver mine tour.

The silver mine tour is lead by a miner, who operated equipment for us, and told us about the Sunshine mining disaster in the area. We spent another night the night in Kellogg. We saw a moose enjoying the water this day. The night before we began our ride, we stayed in Harrison. We had a non-riding member who ferried us to the Plummer trailhead in the morning. The roadway to Plummer does not parallel the trail so it was a little out of the way to drive to the trail head.

If we were to do this approach again, we would ride our bikes to the Plummer trail head for an additional We rode from Plummer mile 0 to Kellogg mile We had two moose sitings this day. We rode from Kellogg mile We had saw a mother and calf moose this day. This trail needs to be in the Rails to Trails Hall of Fame.

It has one of the best combinations of scenery and good trail surface of any trail in North America. Day Three and we head out from Killarney Lake to explore. Checked out camping at Rose Lake. You cannot trust the tent symbols on those maps unless you have a second source. Close to freeway and the trail. Too good to be true. Looks like a good place to ride up the river to Enaville TH We moved on, exploring up the valley and landed at the Enaville Trailhead.

This trailhead has some features not found in the average facility. It may have been a cat house and rowdy groggery Back When, but there sure were a lot of bikies pedaling over. Perhaps it was the Cold Beer on the sign.

The day was hot. Park the van, assembly the folding mountain bike, equip it and head SW, down the river. This is a pleasant and quiet rural ride through pine forests and meadows along the river, with the hills crowding close to the trail. The river meanders in a series of loops down to the Chain Lakes. The vistas here were a little closer than found in the Chain Lakes. Found that there is a pit stop at the Cataldo TH. They also have shade, which was welcome as the day was HOT. The one adventure was on the way back: Everyone else has moose pix.

There were enough moose tracks on the trail. Now something ahead was browsing in a thicket along the trail. Could have been a horse. There are ranches along this stretch. Looks like a horse. However, does the average horse have one of those straggly chin beards that the teens grow? TB snaps a pix and slowly pedals off. Moose continues to feed. Pedal on to Enaville, pack up and head up into the Silver Valley to explore trail heads. Things are getting civilized. Plummer Canyon, the Lake, the Chain Lakes and the River sections of the trail have been rural or forested, quiet, good scenery.

Now we are heading for the Silver Valley section — cars, shops, homes, people, noise, fumes and such. The trail runs alongside a Wal Mart Superstore in Smelterville and the trail head has an expresso stand next door. There might be some benefits to a bit of civilization.

Not only is there an expresso stand. That head frame and ore car display conceals an RV dump station in the back. It takes looking to find the actual trail head — which is not at the Kellogg Depot — a charming HQ for the Chamber of Commerce. You get a boring parking lot and trail head sign. You can do better. After you check out the depot building, base here. Here are some URLS that might help your planning. There are eight DeLorme topo maps with trail and facilities overlays that cover the whole trail.

I downloaded a set and used these for the rides. Had to go commercial. Exit 54 out of Kellogg. Not flossy, but I have a van, not a big RV. We came back on Day Four after exploring the upper valley and tourist things by van.

I would expect to try them again next season. Did not try them, so no reviews, but it has a handy location. Down by the Depot in Wallace, which had an adverse review, is located just up the road from the Wallace Trailhead.

You can see it from the parking lot. It is a glorious ride. The depth of the facilities is amazing. There are twenty developed trailheads and seventeen trail waysides along the route. You can roller blade this stuff. An experienced roadie can doubtless do the whole thing in one day. Or you can take your time and enjoy the views. The trail can be divided into several sections, each a nice ride: On Day One I climbed up to Plummer, coasted back down, then headed up the lake for a bit.

See it on YouTube. No one seems to do the Ascent to Plummer. Just find the right gear and do it. A gravel parking lot with one trashcan? Even the waysides have more facilities. I was managing about 8 mph uphill a geezer on mountain bike loaded with gear. There is water at the Plummer trailhead at the top, so enjoy.

Water points are rare. You will not find this in the remote regions. Coming down, my max speed was 22 mph and I cruised at a comfy 17 mph. Some have two tables and benches. Water is normally not available, so carry it. Camping on the trail can be had at Heyburn State Park at the base of the lake. Ahead is the Chatcolet Bridge — which is fun. The approaches are done in a series of ramps and flats up to the swinging center section. Going down you can almost grab some air.

If they would do lips on the ramps for some lift — but never mind. Then along the causeway to the shore and start pedaling up the lake shore. Numerous little docks and summer cabins on the slopes. These have trails to the lake. Some have causeways over the ditch. Some have drawbridges at the ends of their causeways. It would be about another ten miles round trip to Harrison, so dinner won out. About face and head back down the lake. The next day we broke camp and headed up Rt.

We left Heyburn State Park, drove over the hills from St. Spotted a TCDA trailhead sign on the highway, skidded to a halt, backed up and headed down a gravel road over a causeway. Lot of those in the Chain Lakes. We fetched up at Medimont Trailhead at the base of Medicine Mountain — a high spot out in the swamps. The wife liked this one. I have the bike; she has the veto on trailheads.

This is a charming trailhead with lots of shade trees on the edge of Cave Lake. It was getting a good deal of action. I like to do an out and back ride to some place with a pit stop at the far end. Go east or go west? Assemble the bike, load the gear and head west over another causeway across the wetlands. On the first bend you leave the lake and have the river on the right and the swamps on the left.

You will follow the river down to Harrison. Soon there are vast meadows on the left and the river on the right with swamps beyond and forested hills beyond that. The vistas here are superb. The scenery is better than the lakes section. It is a rather remote region. The freeway is way north. There are ranches here with homes on the high ground. One meadow was given over to cows.

The next one had the white board fences and a herd of horses. Watch the trail bed for tracks. All sorts of whitish muddy paw and hoof prints go up, down and across the trail. I suspect those marks that look like a really large deer are moose marks. There are moose along the trail here. Moving time 46 minutes. Stopped time 45 minutes.

You are in sight of Springston. Trailheads with road access, tables, benchs, signs, restroom at Medimont N After Labor Day it gets tight. There was a hint of another such at Rose Lake which would be great. Day use fishing access. Something to check out next season. We rode the entire trail - up and back. It's a wonderful trail that has to be on everyone's bucket list. In Mullan, don't miss the Bitterroot Coffee Shop - it's a treasure. April and Mike used to work on Alaska fishing boats, so making world class lattees and scones is child's play for them.

Also great breakfast croissants. It makes Mullan well worth the uphill climb! In Wallace, we had a wonderful time The proprieter operates out of a truck and is a grouch! We just rode 40 miles of this wonderful trail.

We picked up rentals at Excelsior Bikes in Kellogg. This is an adorable bike shop housed in the old train depot. They have a large selection of nice bikes at very reasonable rental fees. And the location can't be beat The ride to the west is all at a slight downhill grade. The scenery is gorgeous.

We even saw a moose walking on the trail! We'll definitely be back next year and try to ride the entire 72 miles. We have ridden alot of rail-trails over the years. This is one of the best. While biking the Coeur d'Alenes Trail for three consecutive days my friend and I discussed what Heaven would be like and agreed we had already arrived. The beauty of the Coeur d'Alenes River and Lakes takes a back seet to streets paved with gold. Gravity offers assistance while biking West, and prevailing Westernly winds offer Eastward bound travelers an easier return.

The trail from Kellog west is the most scenic, and offers the most opportunity to see wild life, and unspoiled vistas.

Visiting historic towns on the trail such as Harrison and Wallace offers intriguing glimpses into Idaho's past. The rooms are magnificant, well appointed, and ours faced the gondola and mountains. There is secure bike storage for each building located on the ground floor with an outside entrance. The trail is a stone's throw from the Lodge, and included in the Lodge's premises is a water park - free with your first night's stay.

Book mid-week and your third night is half price. If you can only ride ONE paved trail in your life make it this one or just wait for heaven. This is one of my favorite Rails-to-Trails. We drove to Harrison, Idaho from the Spokane airport in the first week of August and rented bicycles at Pedal Pushers in Harrison reasonable prices, nice people. The weather was perfect, no rain, neither hot nor cold. We rode on the trail from Harrison one day to the northeast, one to the west.

The feeling is one of seeing some nature right along the trail. Going towards Bull Run Lake Trailhead the way is flat; we passed beautiful wide-open marshes with wild birds. We did not go all the way west to Plummer as it seemed to be less bucolic. We did go across Coeur d'Alene Lake on an interesting bridge as far as the Heyburn State Park area; saw a deer on that leg. There is a small incline through the woods after that bridge.

The trail is well-maintained and smooth. Much of the trail is built over contaminated soil left over from the mining days, but it is claimed to be safe, and, rightly or wrongly, we adults didn't worry about it. Children should not be allowed to play in the dirt, however. The Trail of the Hiawatha is nearby for another day of cycling through some cool literally tunnels. I've ridden two years in a row, and came all the way from Aussie to do so.

The scenery is superb, in particuler the section from Harrison to Plummer, while the downhill from Mullan offers a great opportunity to run neck and neck with some of the semis on I90! Out of towners such as myself can easily hire gear from the cycle-shop right beside the trail in Kellog - great service at reasonable rates.

An excellent example of a well-planned rail-trail which regularly draws riders from both the local area as well as visitors from far-away.

They don't get much better than this. It well repays the effort involved and my reward was a sighting of a small brown bear.

On 15 September my son and I rode from Mullan to Plummer in one day. The hill up to Plummer was hard but we did it! I've ridden miles so far this year and this ride on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes was absolutely glorious! Mountains, deer, osprey, moose and more were sights we saw. The streams are so clear you can see the many trout.

Don't miss the gondola ride to Silver Mt. We rode this trail from the middle in two rides because of the length. One ride east, the other west, then both rides end downhill! Saw 4 otters only a half mile west of Cataldo! I've logged miles on this trail in 4 years, completing the trail entirely in two of the years. Rode my new recumbent this last year. What a fantastic trail! Biked from Kellogg to Cataldo and back. The scenery was fabulous and the trail was in excellent condition.

I plan to return! The fall color in late October is wonderful. This trail is among the best I have ever done and I have done trails all over the U. I rode miles back and forth on the trail in 2 days on my most recent visit and enjoyed every mile of it. This is one beautiful trail. We rode from Mullan to Heyburn State Park. From Mullan to Pinehurst the trail is near the Interstate so the views are ok. Once you pass the Pinehurst the views are wonderful.

The Historic Chatcolet bridge is splendid. The trail is in great condition with many rest areas and restrooms. For west-bound riders, the Mission Hill Inn is the last place to eat before Harrison. They had good food and service. We will ride the trail again if we are ever in the area again. The bridge is a stone's throw from Heyburn State Park. Virginia, MN www. Hazelwood, MO steve countryindustrial. Warrensburg, Missouri Fax comment goldenroad-enterprises. Springfield, MO tim treasurechief.

M- 89 Plainwell, MI prostock net-link. Columbia, MO showmetreasure gmail. Falls Service Center Nucleus Ave. Columbia Falls, MT North Platte, NE bubbatect yahoo. Fat Brain Toys Burke St. GMC Services expressent aol. Adorama 42 West 18th St. New York, NY www. The Pawn Shop E. Taylorsville, NC Gold Hill, OR Fax. Portland, OR mlready gmail. Boggero Services Penn Ave. Box Greenwood, SC Fax. Jewels of Distinction Market St. Cherchaw, SC diamonddust minesprings. Chesterfield, SC Fax diamonddust minesprings.

I cannot believe the crappy customer service that Walmart has. I placed an online order that seems to have been cancelled and cannot talk to an actual person about it. Calling the local store did not help, as they have no control over online orders.

Every option available just refers you back to the website. I will shop Target from now on. I am sick and tired of hearing about how Walmart matches prices!!!!!!! Try shopping at the walmart in Tulsa Oklahoma located at 81st and Sheridan. They refuse to match most advertised prices, even when I have the ad with me. I will not be back. I went to the walmart near my house to buy a TV for my bedroom. I goto the electronics department and find a TV i like with no price.

When I finally find someone, this young dude. I asked him about the price. This guy just looks at me, doesnt say a word and grabs his price check machine.

He brings this other employee with him. The other guy checks the back of the sample tv for the UPC. He couldnt find it. They finally come back tell me the price. The price is cheaper than Best Buy. And I didnt want to spent another minute with those people that obviously did not care about helping anyone. This isnt the first time this happened either.

Dont buy electronics from walmart, bc if that guy can slam a tv on a counter, who knows whats going on in the back. She was ignoring customers, as well as myself. One man was standing in line , and she told the gentleman behind him. Get off his back , why are you close? The gentleman was in shocked. It was my turn to be waited on. Stephanie replies yea whatever wait to the side. Walmart is a great company , in which I been shopping over a decade. I will never revisit this location. It sad how a couple of apples can spoil a bunch.

I just got back home from Walmart and I am pissed off. I drove halfway across town to the only twenty-four hour Walmart for nothing. I went there for a specific item but the section that the item was in the floor was being cleaned.

I applied for Sears one time and they told me that customer service is there main policy…. I placed an order online and it did not arrive. The material use to be good quality, over the last couple of years, the quality of the denim, has gone done to very flimsey. At first the quality was great a stretch denim. Recently, I was shopping at your Stockton CA store, notice the material, was thinner yet.

Please remendy, this problem. I could not purchace 38 cal bullets for my 38 caliber revolver, i presented mt nys department of corrections id and badge and was told i could not purchase the ammo, unless i had a permit for a handgun.

I am happy with walmart and there staff and am happy they ask for id. I have peace officer status hr and penal code 35 nys trained in use of deadly force. As a customer of Walmart I am disapointed in the inability of our local store Osewgo, IL to keep the productd on the shelf. I have seen him once since he came to our store, and tends to send young ladies to deal with customer questions. Since every item is recorded at the Cash Regsiter, why is this information not available to your Warehouse?

And I would appreciate a response to this e-mail. I want to know when you will be getting more ammo, if you go against my 2nd amendment. You will never get another penny from or friends. I had asked for water, nuts, juice, milk, fruit for the doctors donating their time for this event.

The State of Arizona was really giving as they could. I looked at her and told her if this was on inventory in Dec it would still show up as not used! So where is it? I also started telling her I gave this money because you called me!

Why would I do this for Wal-mart? Honestly Customer Service is the key that keeps her in her position! I am not sure who to contact about this but the Walmart in Aberdeen, WA is by far the most disgusting store I have ever seen. All of their over stock is piled up in the center lanes of the stores. Junk is literally every where. This place looks like a dump yard, I will never go to this walmart if I am in the area again! Something needs to be done about the filth in this store I am sure they are breaking a lot of health code, safety, and fire laws.

I tried to fill out your survey to possibly will a shopping card. I was asked for the same information a half a dozen times, a lot of which is none of your business, and never did get to the to the part where I give the ID from my receipt. I did not like the way I was treated on the survey just to get my personal info. The intentions for your survey suck and I will remember it the next time I am deciding where to shop.

Thank you for your service. You need to train your cashiers and managers for when their is a problem at the register. I was left standing in line for over thirty min.

We never ever left people standing in line for more than five min. We either opened a register to handle those people or cleared the register to take care of the people in line. Someone from the cash office took the customer to another reg to re check the grocery items. Your people need some serious training in Customer Service. I asked her if she would be willing to try to get a doctor to start documenting these things and she looked dubious.

And she has a right. She went to the local clinic and was diagnosed with pleurisy. If I have to work, so do you. This is only one example of what she has experienced. At the hospital she was having a horrible asthma attack and the receptionists left her sitting there until a nurse came out, took one look at her and panicked. I took three treatments to get her breathing eased. The nurse said she had never seen anyone need three before. Dd had gotten very close to death.

So I am very worried about dd. No one deserves to be treated the way she has been treated most of her life. I am at you store on Santa Rita road in pleasonton California. I walked into the store asked politely if I could get some boots at am. Manager who name is Eddie called me stupid and said I should stay in school. Because your store opens at 7 am.

I went to Walmart today in Fayetteville WV to buy some 22 shells and the man at the counter told me they were out. But I could see one box on the shelf. I asked again and said are you shore i can see a box. The guy looked at the box and said we are out sorry.

This is two days in a row that I,ve seen this happen they put stuff back so they can buy it or their buddy can. Monday I watch this guy go clock out and come over and tell the other guy I,ll buy those knives now. They marked then down then put the knives up so he could buy them when he got off work.

I will be finding other places to spend my money!!!!!!!!!! Not feeling well I took my prescription there for refill. I was given a three month supply of medication and charged for it.

I thought I was picking up a month supply. When I wanted to know why the medication was so high. I was told my insurance had gone up and prices change. Once I was headed to the door I was told had a three month supply. I feel they should have made me aware of them giving me a three month supply and not lied too about the cost. Beware of the pharmacy charges. At the register it was as if it was a game and the cashier and her other co- worker was laughing as she nodded I had paid.

Can you tell me what happeded? I am so tired of going to Walmart and not leaving with all my packages, bags I know 4 out of 7 times I go there I am missing a package or almost walk away without one unless I check for myself, and if you ask them if I have everything, they act like I accused them of stealing.

They give you a dirty look or a smart answer. The when you call customer service they tell you to come back and get it, like we have nothing better to do with our time and with gas prices at a high.

Is this how Walmart wants to do business, if so there are other stores in the area. I feel you should give a coupon or something when a customer has to drive back to the store when it is the stores fault. Dear walmart I bought a store brand coat..

My lil girl love pink yellow purple coloer thank you amilion iam sute you Will handle this case …the van nuys store in calif. I pulled it off the shelf 4 weeks ago. I took pictures this time. Store Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio Its been 3 weeks now, the repair tech finally showed up.

I completly went over ALL trouble shooting procedures with an online tech in the beginning but I guess thats not enough. I even offered to bring the unit to a facility but NO…. The Niles Michigan store is by far the worsed I have seen.

They were out of tomato juice for 8 weeks Last night we went to buy a Televison. There was one person working with 3 people in line and the employee was on the phone talking. She was no doubt helping that person. She said that she would find someone. After almost 15 mins she found someone to help. He was nice and asked which one I wanted so I told him. He asked if I had a plan B in case they were out of the first one. I gave him that and he left for the back room.

I asked if he would sell me the display and he said NO. Now I have invested 20 to 25 mins in this stupid store and came out empty handed. I have shopped at Walmart too long. I have taken the negative comments from cashiers for too long. I use cloth bags. I wash them and keep them clean and yet I continue to get negative comments from cashiers at the Belen Walmart. I am told that my bags slow down their time. I reassure the cashiers that my bags are washed and I help load the bags on the racks to fill.

I still get negative comments. I will buy as much groceries as I can at other stores. I am so disappointed at the atmosphere that is being cultivated in our community by Walmart.

To Whom it may concern in charge of inventory. Today is February 24th I tried to buy a pair of snowboots for my Grandson tonite at the Evergreen Colorado store. It took two associates to finaly find some winter boots in a clearence section. People here still purchase things like warm coats and snow gear this time of year. This is NOT the first time I have experienced not being able to find climate appropriate outerwear at your stores.

Hey…I just got a Samsung galaxy 2 a straight talk phone and it just got stolen.. I experianced awesome help by a young man named Colton.

He was not only friendly and helpful but also very professional and helped me to fix the problem in a short time. Thanks to Colton I can use my phone again. I had attempted to solve the same problem several times before with no luck. He suffered through my rant as well as the long explanation of the problem, then proceeded to solve the problem quickly and easily.

After all the negative comments about Walmart. Walmart has the most horrid, disgusting attitude of any on-line ordering system I have EVER witnessed. It is now 5: I started at 3: Jump through all their hoops and endless switching around I have ever witnessed. Walmart location in Pratt, KS has the most complacent, lazy, rude and ignorant employees I have ever encountered in a business. Ask for help and if it is not their department…they tell you. Fine, but they also do not offer to locate the department manager or a person that would know.

The Manager that I spoke with today was terse and acted as if I had asked her to come wash my windows and clean my house. Does anybody actually interview these people or just pull a random application from on-line that seems to fit the requirements. Transfer and pay a manager that has organizational and motivational skills. I bought a blank-DVD set from Walmart. So, once again, I called Walmart. So, in conclusion, this message is about 2 things: They cancelled my order cause the store that said it was available didnt have it and now I have to wait for my bank to release funds they took and send back 3 minutes after it was places: I have been upset with customer service in this particular store before but this is the first time I have been mad enough to write a comment.

As i approached the eyecare area I noticed she was in a room talking to someone who appeared to be another employee. I pointed out to her that it was an electronic prescription and had been signed electronically by the doctor.

It said so on the prescription. She told me I would have to contact my doctor and get another prescription. When I asked if she could call while I was there,she sighed and said she guessed she could but the doctor would have to fax it and it could take several days. I told her at that point to forget it I would go elsewhere. I told him and I am telling you that I will never be using your eyecare center again and you can be sure that all of my friends will know not to use them either.

When I returned home I called CONTACT and got hold of a very nice customer representative who took my order and said I could either fax my perscription or she would call my doctor and my contacts would be in the mail and delivered to my house in 1 week or less. Thank you for your time. My phone number is Today, 26 Mar 13, I visited store I prefer to use cash and appreciate the convenience of self-checkout.

This store has 8 stations, but only one will accept cash. I attempted to complain to the manager about the situation, but he refused to come to the customer service area to speak with me. Please correct this situation. My son took me to the Aurora store with the battery to get a new one. I asked about the guarantee and was told I would need the receipt. I came home, replaced the battery,found the receipt and went back to the auto guy who sold me the battery and was told I had to go to the customer service people.

After standing in line for perhaps 15 minutes, the lady behind the counter told me I needed the old battery. On the way back to get it I spotted a valid debit card laying on the floor.. When I got back to the desk after another wait inline, I handed the debit card to the lady who recognized the name as someone who had worked there. She then started to process. My son took me to the store with the inop battery where I brought a new one. I asked about the guarantee and was told I would need a receipt.

I came home, replaced the battery, found the receipt and returned to the store. I showed it to the guy that sold me the new battery and he said I would have to talk to customer service.

On the way back for the battery, I found a valid debit card on the floor. After another line, I handed the card to the lady who said this person worked at the store. She then started to process what I thought was my refund. I asked to see the store manager. The lady called the auto service mgr and we waited again for perhaps 10 minutes. He came and told me the guarantee was only good for 2 years. One the sales slip for the old battery, I had asked when I brought the old battery about the guarantee and was told by the guy who sold it to me that the guarantee was good for 3 years and pro rata for 6.

I owned a garage and service in Anchorage some years ago and thought the 6 year might be of use so wrote what I was told on the receipt. When I found the old receipt with the note, I expected the matter to be settled in short order. The asst store mgr showed up, took the auto mgr aside for several more minutes. I walked to about 5 feet from where they were talking and heard the asst mgr say to the auto mgr something about 25 dollars.

I heard that even Soloman heard from both sides of a dispute before he made a decision. This guy told me to leave the store because I was obviously unset. I asked if he was going to honor what the auto employee had told me was the guarantee and he said no and leave or he would call police and have me escorted out.

I am 79 years old and while I was waiting to get this resolved what I think was an older man was also having a dispute over a battery he had in his cart. I expect all this is on tape; it took place about 5 pm.

I found your clerks looking stressed out and unfriendly…. It was frustrating trying to manipulate my cart through isles blocked by shopping carts filled with merchandise, obliviously left there by clerks who had been stocking. I feel it would be most beneficial if your personnel had training in being more courteous, friendly and helpful…. Perhaps rewards for such improvement might encourage them….

When I first walked in there was people making fun of my out fit and I could not find my way , I was lost in the Gardening section for about one hour and when i made it out i was not the same again. I see it posted on some of the facebook ,that walmart is sliding down hill,i guess i would agree with that, i have e-mailed two times about some tires i purchased from walmart that had a thou mile guarentee and i only got twenty-three thousand on them and they were worn down to the wear line,i went in to the local wal-mart and showed them the tires, well ,the first thing they ask me was,did you by the road hazard guarentee, i said why would i buy that,i thought it would only cover hitting an object in the raodway,BUT ,they said it covered wear also ,ANd i said why didn;t someone tell me that,now ,i was starting to get upset,the asst manager told me that he would check it out and call me back,by the way he never called me back ,,does that surprise you?

Lam not glad with you because l have not received then yet after 15 facturation days, so until now l can not a feedback for you my items are a wireless mouse and a table pen both sinsingtone….

Felt very scammed by Walmart. Called to check tire prices and make appointment for tires yesterday. Was told they had my tires and at a better price than Costco and Sears. I asked is it better to make an appointment to have them installed. I was told no, so I proceeded to drive down to Fresno.

When I got there, they told me I would need to wait 3 to 4 hours before they could get to my truck and then come to find out they didnt have the tires they quoted me for on the phone. Proceeded to try and sell me different brands that were more expensive than Costco.

I was very upset to say the least, made the drive on a busy day, just to get a run around. Will never recommend Walmart for tires or any type of automotive service.

Very obvious employees have little knowledge of their departments. They wasted my time and especially with gas prices the way they are, I did not appreciate driving there for nothing. Had a horrible experience returning a new lawnmower dead on arrival. People at the store were most unhelpful and uncapable of resolving issue. Spoke to Corporate about the problem and they said they could not do anything, everything was handled out of the local store. Be aware if you have a problem with Wal Mart they apparently have no corporate policy — you get what the local store gives you — no one higher up to help out.

In your store you took all the tables and chairs,soda machine and coffee machine,hot choc. Please think about it and put them back. My e-mail was not a comment but a complant. You have the worst manager in the Lampasas store. I worked for walmart ten years and was booted out because I had to take a sick leave. I worked in two other stores and they were great had great people.

Went to the store in Sealy,Texas and there were only 2 registers open. Most of the people that work there are good people but the management sucks really bad. They need an attitude adjustment something fierce. We walked in around We were in the store for about twenty minutes filling our cart with goods that we thought our classmates would like.

Much to our surprise, we noticed a cop and the town sheriff showed up and watched us while we harmlessly strolled through the aisles. We had come up with the conclusion that the staff at Walmart found it necessary to call law enforcement on us. The policeman and sheriff tried to nonchalantly converse while we were shopping, making sure to keep an eye on what we were doing. We continued to shop, walking down numerous aisles trying to grab a variety of items.

Wherever we went in the store, the police and sheriff were right behind us making sure not to lose sight of us. The police and sheriff tried to make it appear like they were looking at items, when in actuality we knew they were keeping a watchful eye on us.

Why were the cops called on us? We were not causing a ruckus nor were we pocketing items. Did I forget to mention that three of us are members of the minority. I am a Native Hawaiian and two of my friends are Mexican. We are all contributing members of society, currently pursuing our degrees at a nearby University. Racial profiling was the first thing that came to mind. If we were all white males would the cops have been called on us then? I was completely offended that the management of Walmart found it necessary to call law enforcement.

We were just five customers looking to purchase supplies for a house activity. I did not appreciate being followed around the store like I was some kind of criminal. It got to the point where I wanted to leave our almost full cart and walk out of the store. Fortunately for this Walmart, we needed everything that we took off the shelf. We got to the register and still noticed the police and sheriff watching us. After all the items were scanned the total was almost dollars.

In my three years of living in the Midwest, I have never been racially profiled before. One customer is not a lot in the Walmart chain, but I cannot continue to shop in a place that is not accepting of minorities. I regret purchasing the items that night because that just shows my support for this crime. I hope that the people of that Walmart get this message and reflect on what they have done. For at least the past 6 weeks possibly longer , I have tried to get a drink of water from the drinking fountain in the Howell, MI store.

The fountain is inoperable. I have a minor medical condition that requires that I stay hydrated. It is impossible that the parts needed to fix the problem take this length of time to be obtained and the problem repaired. I am to the point where I will cease shopping at Wal-Mart and will start to shop at another store in my area.

Since then i have been googel-ing information on where and IF i can get the glass fixed. Walmart, can you refer me to a company where i can get the Tablet fixed? I have been a long time Kroger shopper. But about 3 months ago I decided to try grocery shopping at your store in Livonia. Well, I was amazed at not only the great selection of stuff I found there but I saved so much on the things I bought even NOT using coupons.

You have Kroger beat by a mile in selection and price that even though I have 2 Krogers within a mile from me I will drive the extra 5 miles. Keep up the good things as I am now a regular Walmart customer.

Just wanted to let you know that I want to commend 2 of your employees for being so helpful. I was shopping Walmart on on W. I waited 30 mins for a car radio. I had 6 employees walk by. A girl at the desk. Andstill had to wait for a manager to unlock them. I give this experience a zero rating… U suck to costmer service. Your change to plastic wheel weights may seem like a money saver, it is costing you money and customers.

I have used you automotive services for 15 years in different states. You are driving your regular customers to your competitors.

I worked in your TLE and know your workers are doing what they can with inferior products. Older people are increasing exponentially and they are having a tough time with sausages with tough casings, because of their dentures, as well as younger people with the same situation. But, I think your revenues would increase substantially, if your sausage had a skinless or thinner casing. They are good, but better without the tough casing. I just came back from buying items at Walmart at E. Hammer Lane Stockton Ca The overall experience was very poor.

There was no greeting, no thanks. Her attitude was like she was doing me a favor. Please look into overall employee attitude. Ive been looking for the snowballs you always carried. Have you discontinued them in and mesquite tx. Please reply thank you.

I was at your store on Sheridan drive at 9 am this morning had to use the restroom it was filthy. This is a fairly new store. I was so surprised that this store is so neglected. I want to complain about service at Walmart in Springfield, Tennessee. We shop there weekly. There were two customers ahead of us, and at six in line behind, that is as far as I could see because some of them were beind the displays.

This is not the first time this has happened. If this is the way Walmart wants to operate we will take our business elsewhere. Please make sure the checker makes sure you have taken all your purchases from that stupid bag carosel before leaving. I went to your Store in Indianpolis In. Your shelf price says one thing and then rings up a higher price at the register.. I decided to complain about it today as this is notthe first time this has happened. The majority of your employees are rude and unfriendly, no wonder they call that store the Ghetto Walmart.

Both stores in Woodbridge Virginia had trouble in the past of keeping items stocked but both stores are doing better now hopefully they will continue this trend. I am unhappy to hear that you are cutting back in the fabric department. Many of us quilters buy our fabric from Walmart. We were so happy to see you put the fabric back in, now to be taking it out. People at front desk said no one from that dept. Still looking for a TV I went to the Bristol walmart.

Of course the smaller TVs that I was looking for were not plugged in. No Base it sits on the counter. So now I have to go back again. Just another quick mention. I stopped in the ladies dept and say a pretty rain jacket. I tried it on and wanted to see what it looked like. The only mirror was in the changing room. So you have to wait to get into the changing room. I left the coat. Have used your great value plastic wrap for years — why the change in the cuttiing edge design!

This is much more difficult and does not produce an even and hassle-free cut that I am used to! Surely you have gotten complaints in this regard! Caro Michigan went to the gun department this morning and bought a box of shells and was still in the store and discovered the Walmart employee gave me the wrong shells. Took them back and the receipt was exactly 7 minutes old and was told no exchange policy on shells. I just love to shop at the Pasadena,tx on Fairmont.

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