Lean Cuisine Debuts Its First Vegan Frozen Meals

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Lean Cuisine’s New Vegan Entrees Are Simple, Yet Satisfying
The herbivorous offerings even include two vegan options — a first for the Nestlé subsidiary. Our technician will guide you through the installation of Online Tech Repair Inc secure software. Vegeterian December 4, at 6: Very encouraging trend, though. I would buy this one again and will try the others.

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Lean Cuisine Just Added Vegan Entrées, and They Look Delicious

The accompanying vegetables — roasted red peppers, yellow carrots, chopped tomatoes, and spinach — supplied sufficient flavor. There's nothing fancy here. Both frozen dinners consist mostly of vegetables, so neither taste nor texture is compromised by forced substitutions.

Each would likely satisfy dedicated vegans and those who want a break from from goopy noodles and overly sauced fare. Everything is guacamole and nothing hurts. Now you can cook just like your fav. Dreams do come true.

Skip to main content. Toggle search My Account. Get Daily Meals delivered to your inbox! Funny, I just posted an entry about this very same thing on my blog, and in doing a little research for it, I came across your blog!

I guess Denver is a little behind on getting the latest and greatest, but I'm glad we finally got it. I looove gardein, so I am very happy to see it in Lean Cuisines! This comment has been removed by the author. I haven't tried the Gardein yet but the picture makes me crave for it even more. I was shopping at Wally World the other day and came across the VeggieCuisine I bought the Tuscan Style Vegetable Lasagna It was very deliscious.

This is a winner! Thanks for the blog. I am eating the Masala one now and like you, I wasn't expecting too much from it, but the sauce is very impressive along with the Chk'n and veggies I love Indian Food and this didn't disappoint.

I was once a die-hard fan of Gardein but my love affair with it has since waned a little. Had the Tuscan Lasagna And, yes, gardein is a staple in my house these days. We just had a buy one, get one free sale on all gardein products at my local grocery store.

I love pasta and veggies. Aside from it taste really good, it's very healthy for the body. I live in St. In fact, I liked how it tasted because it's like meat. It could be perfect for wedding reception particularly for vegetarians. Long Island wedding halls. I love the Lean Cuisine Veggie Cuisine meals. They are all good, but the Masala and the Lasagna are my favorites. I was so happy to find them in Wal Mart.

Even my daughter, who is not vegetarian, likes them! I bought the pasta and veggies at WalMart. It was okay, but I thought the sauce was way too salty.

Very encouraging trend, though. I love the Masala! I have to avoid the fettucine and lasagna due to gluten issues. I've had the enchilada, too.

It's pretty good, but not a -love it- kind of dish. I'm not fond of corn tortillas. These veggie cuisines are a home run. I keep near 20 of them in my office freezer. The price is fair and they are surprisingly delicious. We are fortunate enough to have Gardein widely available at grocery stores and even restaurants like Yard House. I can tell you, the staff here at Best Name Badges love them as much as me.

They are all meat eaters so it's nice to see them enjoy a veggie meal time to time. I do agree that the noodles are a bit less al-dente than other companies like Amy's. Thank you Lean Cuisine for the vegetarian options! I am glad the Lean Cuisine finally made dishes that are really lean. It was priced on par with Amy's and Kashi; considering the bland taste, I'd pick up a competitor's meal before this. To top it off the pasta did not taste whole grain. The masala was amazing.

It was hard to believe it only had calories, and it tasted fantastic. The cauliflower was perfectly firm, and the gardein was delish.

I hope they make more of these. It wasn't cheap, but I will buy them again. I love bothe the marsala and the tuscan style veggie lasagna but all the stores in my area have stopped carrying them and I asked to get it special ordered and they said they can not.

I contacted Lean Cuisine and they can't help either I am totally bummed. If anyone knows where in Central Florida I can get these.. I've made it before for the office over here at Imperial Expressions. Just had the Veggie roasted red pepper fetuccini. I thought it was very good. You need to make some vegan dishes my sister is a vegan. I would buy this one again and will try the others.

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