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Tube Feeding: How to Bolus Feed/Syringe Feed
Miller-Abbott tube see miller-abbott tube. Includes nibbling, gorging and sham feeding. When we feed and the amount of water given is in direct correlation to the suctionings due to phlegm in his throat. For more calories, you could add an additional half-can of the Two Cal HN in another feeding or you could try going back back to the the 3 cans of Jevity 1. The three-year-old from Holmfirth, who was tube fed from birth until 12 weeks ago, underwent a dramatic food withdrawal treatment - with miraculous results. You can also count the water you use toward your flushing water so you end up with the same amount of water each day. If you are unable to tolerate the current regimen, it may help to slow the rate and feed for a longer length of time.

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